Feb. 28-Mar. 1 “Wittenberg Door” Midwest Regional Founders feat. Haykin + more in Fenton, MO.

The Midwest Regional Founders Conference will gather on February 28-March 1, at the First Baptist Church, Fenton, Missouri. Dr. Michael Haykin is our main speaker as we apply the lessons learned at the Wittenberg door almost 500 years ago to today churches. Other speakers include Dr. John Greever, Dr. Joshua Wilson, Terry Coker, and Dr. Curtis McClain.

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Feb 13-27, 2017 “Medieval Church History” Module [RBS] feat. Dr. Haykin + more in Sacramento, CA


Reformed Baptist Seminary:

Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin will provide an overview of the theological and literary history of the medieval church era, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the leaders and writers of this period. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint will serve as a guest lecturer and will focus on the epistemology and theological method of Thomas Aquinas, one of the most prominent medieval scholars. The lectures will serve as a part of the curriculum for RBS’s course HT 512 Medieval Church.

Immanuel Baptist Church of Sacramento will host the module. A lecture schedule is available here. The course syllabus is forthcoming. To register for the module click the button below.


“Biblical Exegesis in 4th Century Trinitarian Debates” Dr. Michael Haykin [AUDIO] + more

Reformed Theological Seminary:


The recent “Trinity debate” reveals much confusion surrounding what is undoubtedly the most important and the most glorious of Christian doctrines. It also signals the need to retrieve the doctrine of the triune God as confessed by Fathers of the church on the basis of Holy Scripture in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed of A.D. 381. Join Drs. Ligon Duncan, Michael Haykin, Blair Smith, and Scott Swain as they seek to mine the riches of the Nicene Faith for the renewal of today’s church.

Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin
Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin

Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin is Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. He is the author of a number of books, including The Spirit of God: The Exegesis of 1 and 2 Corinthians in the Pneumatomachian Controversy of the Fourth Century; and Rediscovering the Church Fathers: Who They Were and How They Shaped the Church.


Biblical Exegesis in Fourth Century Trinitarian Debates | Dr. Michael Haykin

Trinitarian Relations in the Fourth Century | Rev. D. Blair Smith

God from God, Light from Light: Retrieving the Doctrine of Eternal Generation | Dr. Scott Swain

The Doctrine of the Trinity and Complementarianism in Recent Discussions | Dr. J. Ligon Duncan

Question and Answer Session | Duncan, Haykin, Smith, and Swain

New Book: “50 World Changing Events in Christian History” by Earl M. Blackburn


50 World Changing Events in Christian History

by Earl M. Blackburn

Paperback: $14.99/£9.99 | Kindle: $11.99/£9.17


  • 50 short chapters on 50 events over 2000 years

  • Potted church history

  • Useful for personal study as well as for pastors and churches

Pastor Earl Blackburn
Pastor Earl Blackburn

The increase in terrorism, the push for gender fluidity, the eradicating of Christianity from schools – During these worrying times, Earl Blackburn shows that learning about our history can be one of the best tools for encouraging us in our faith. Hearing stories of the perseverance of Christian heroes such as John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, and William Wilberforce is inspirational for everyday struggles; while seeing how God has grown His church through times of hardship and persecution helps us to have courage about the church of today.


Dr. Tom Nettles

This really is a fine piece of work and should be very popular and highly useful in the church.

– Tom J. Nettles, Senior Professor of Historical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

Nathan Finn… 50 World-Changing Events in Christian History is a helpful overview of church history written from an evangelical and reformed perspective. I hope it will help many believers understand how their own lives and local churches fit into the ongoing story of God’s new covenant people from every tribe, language, and nation.

– Nathan A. Finn, Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Baptist Studies, The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Dr. James Renihan… As a professor of Church History, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is for a recommendation of a simple survey of the life of the church over the last 2,000 years. Now I have the answer to that question…

– James M. Renihan, Dean and Professor of Historical Theology, Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, Escondido, California


Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Christian Focus (July 20, 2016)

AUDIO from the 2016 SB Founders Conf SW “Baptist History” now online feat. Robert Oliver, J. Renihan, Hendrickx, Montgomery, Downs

sbfc sw


Alt Links:

Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016:

1 – DevotionJarrett Downs | 26 min

2 – FoundationsRobert Oliver| 56 min

3 – SBC Origin |Dave Hendrickx | 66 min

4 – English Baptist Bio | Robert Oliver | 47 min

Friday, Sept. 23, 2016:

5 – Benjamin BeddomeJason Montgomery | 66 min

6 – English Particular Baptists | Robert Oliver | 57 min

7 – Questions & Answers | Robert Oliver | 70 min

8 – Trouble in PhiladelphiaJames M. Renihan | 52 min

9 – American Baptist BioRobert Oliver | 52 min

Radio interview w/ Michael Haykin on “The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement” [Iron Sharpens Iron]


From a recently posted Iron Sharpens Iron Radio from July 5, 2016 with Chris Arnzen:

michael haykinDR. MICHAEL HAYKIN,
Professor of Church History & Biblical Spirituality (2008),
Director of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY
& author of
Baptist Story BookTHE BAPTIST STORY: From English Sect to Global Movement

2 hour audio [mp3]:

Interview with Michael Haykin, co-author with Robert Smart & Ian Clary of “Pentecostal Outpourings: Revival & the Reformed Tradition”

Books at a Glance:

Paperback $20.00 / £15.44 | Kindle: $9.99 / £6.95

It’s not that we’re unappreciative of the “ordinary” workings of God among his people – we are! But those periods of extraordinary movings of God are exciting and a fascinating area of study that always leaves us marveling at the power of the grace of God at work in the human soul. “Revivals” we call them, or “Pentecostal outpourings.”

That’s the title of a new book edited by Michael Haykin along with Robert Davis Smart and Ian Hugh Clary – Pentecostal Outpourings: Revival and the Reformed Tradition. I’m Fred Zaspel, editor here at Books At a Glance, and today our friend Michael Haykin is here to talk with us about their new book.

Greetings, Michael – congratulations on your new book and thanks for talking to us today about it…

Read the entire interview.

A Brief History of Baptist Ministerial Education [James Renihan]

James M. Renihan, over at the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, concludes:

Our fathers promoted the cause of education and training. They raised funds. They asked some of their most capable pastors to take the lead in developing training programs. They urged capable men to earn credible academic credentials. They built institutions which served the churches very well for many years.


… It is curious that many people think that Baptists undervalue the need for education and preparation while our history testifies to exactly the opposite. Will we be like them? Will we give time, effort and funds to plan for the future?

Read “Baptist Ministerial Education


New Book: “The Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists: 1772-1830” by Brandon Smith & Kurt Smith + Radio Interview [ISI]

Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists

Who Were They and What Did They Believe?
Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith with Introduction by Tom Nettles

$14.95 (40% Discount!)



TOM NETTLES begins his helpful Introduction with these words: “This present volume highlights the early days of theological witness among Baptists in Georgia. Truly noble were these men, Marshall, Marshall, and Mercer, who grasped the importance of embracing and proclaiming all the truths of God’s revelation to men. Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith have given a clear and vigorous discussion of the early Baptist witness to the gospel in Georgia. That sinners are reconciled to God, are removed from their condition of condemnation, by the mercy and grace of God, apart from any meritorious attainment on the part of man, yea, in spite of the massive accumulations of demerit should sound like good news in the ear of any that truly feels the justice of God’s wrath and anger against him. These humble heroes of truth among Georgia Baptists were concerned that the trust that sinners had was fully directed toward Christ alone with an undiluted sense of their dependence on the divine initiative, continuance, and consummation in their salvation.”

One of the authors, Brandon Smith, was interviewed about this book on Iron Sharpens Iron on February 10, 2016. The relevant audio is the first 60 minutes of the audio [mp3]:

You may also listen to the time when we interviewed Brandon Smith on this topic:


New Booklet: “1689 Confession’s Influence on Early American Missons & Church Planting” by Steve Weaver


The 1689 Baptist Confession and Its Influence on Early American Missons and Church Planting

by Steve Weaver


Pastor Steve Weaver
Pastor Steve Weaver

By showing that the original signers of the confession were evangelistic and missions-minded and by showing that those who held to the confession in North America were also evangelistic and missions-minded, it is hoped that we can lay to rest the mistaken notion that those who held to the 1689 Baptist Confession and its theological descendants in America – the Philadelphia and Charleston Confessions – were unconcerned and uninvolved in the work of missions and church planting.


  • $2.00
  • 80 lb. cover
  • Staple-booklet binding
  • 35 pgs.
  • Published by Reformed Baptist Faith and Family Ministry

Reformed Baptist Faith and Family MinistryReformed Baptist Faith & Family (RBFF) is a non-profit Christian printing and publishing ministry, which exists to provide the Churches of Jesus Christ with quality resources aimed at equipping, exhorting and encouraging her members while remaining committed to the biblical truths as preserved in the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (1689 Baptist Confession).


The Importance of the Church Fathers [Michael Haykin]

Credo Magazine:

Rediscovering the Church Fathers Who They Were and How They Shaped the Church by Michael Haykin

Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin
Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin

Fred Zaspel, at Books At a Glance, recently interviewed Michael A.G. Haykin on the Church Fathers. Haykin, a Credo Magazine contributor, is Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the author of Rediscovering the Church Fathers: Who They Were and How They Shaped the Church (Crossway, 2011).

Here is Zaspel’s fascinating interview with Haykin…

New Book: “The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement” by Haykin + more [B&H Academic]

This book that we got word about back in Dec. 2014 is now out:


The Baptist Story
From English Sect to Global Movement

by Anthony L. Chute, Nathan A. Finn, Michael A. G. Haykin

[ $37.48 | £37.63 ]


The Baptist Story is a narrative history spanning over four centuries of a diverse group of people living among distinct cultures on separate continents while finding their identity in Christ and expressing their faith as Baptists. Baptist historians Anthony Chute, Nathan Finn, and Michael Haykin highlight the Baptist transition from a despised sect to a movement of global influence. Each chapter includes stories of people who made this history so fascinating. Although the emphasis is on the English-speaking world, The Baptist Story integrates stories of non-English-speaking Baptists, ethnic minorities, women, and minority theological traditions, all within the context of historic, orthodox Christianity.

This volume provides more than just the essential events and necessary names to convey the grand history. It also addresses questions that students of Baptist history frequently ask, includes prayers and hymns of those who experienced hope and heartbreak, and directs the reader’s attention to the mission of the church as a whole. Written with an irenic tone and illustrated with photographs in every chapter, The Baptist Story is ideally suited for graduate and undergraduate courses, as well as group study in the local church.


Hardcover: 512 pages
Publisher: B&H Academic (August 15, 2015)
Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 1 x 9.3 inches


B&H Academic Blog:

In the video interview below recorded at the 2014 Annual ETS Conference in San Diego, CA, authors Anthony L. Chute, Nathan A. Finn and Michael A. G. Haykin discuss their recently released volume, The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement.

6 min.  vid.:

Download a sample chapter here [46 page pdf]:

Download (PDF, 2.51MB)

Read an excerpt of The Baptist Story here.

Michael Haykin wrote the chapters on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Baptists, Anthony Chute authored the section on nineteenth-century Baptists, and Nathan Finn concluded with the twentieth century and beyond.

2015 Reformed Baptist Family Conf. AUDIO feat. Nettles, Savastio, A. Walker, Hughes & Hoak in Louisville, KY.

Audio from the 2015 Reformed Baptist Family Conference, which took place July 28th through 31st, is now online:

2015 Reformed Baptist Family Conf
A Light Shining In A Dark Place | Professor Tom Nettles | 76 min [mp3]:

Stewardship of Controversy | Professor Tom Nettles | 63 min [mp3]:

An Exhortation to the Older Generation | Aaron Hoak | 54 min [mp3]:

The Great Commission | Professor Tom Nettles | 54 min [mp3]:

The Work of the New Generation | Tim Hoak | 56 min [mp3]:

Living By Faith | Austin Walker | 78 min [mp3]:

The Test Of Faith | Austin Walker | 53 min [mp3]:

Dying In Faith | Austin Walker | 51 min [mp3]:

Encouragement To Brethren In Dark Times | Jim Savastio |  56 min [mp3]:

History Of Revivals | William Hughes | 63 min [mp3]:

5 Minutes in Church History Podcast on Baptist Confessions [AUDIO]

Dr. Stephen Nichols highlights the history of baptists from London to Philadelphia in the latest episode of 5 Minutes in Church History:

Listen Here:


London to Philadelphia—you might think that this has to do with transatlantic flights. Well, it doesn’t. It has to do with confessions of faith—Baptist confessions of faith, to be exact. First, there is the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, also known as the Second London Baptist Confession, and then there is the Philadelphia Confession of Faith.

The Baptists came into being early in the 1600s in England. These were Puritans. They had all left the Anglican Church and were part of the larger group of people that we call Nonconformists, meaning they would not conform to the established church, the Church of England. These Baptists were not only separated out from the Anglicans, but these Baptists also believed in adult or believer’s baptism, which set them apart from some of the other Nonconformists. It set them apart from the Presbyterians and it set them apart from the Congregationalists.

In 1644, the Baptists gathered together and wrote the First London Baptist Confession. It was very much like the Westminster Standards, but of course it differed in the chapters on church polity or church government and on baptism.

In 1677, they gathered again to refresh this confession and had a number of people sign off on it, but there were also some who couldn’t sign off. This was a time of intense persecution in England, and there were many who were simply not able to align themselves with this statement.

Read more



Begin to Read the Church Fathers: Reading List & Podcast [Michael Haykin | AUDIO]

From the Center for Ancient Christian Studies:

Michael A.G. Haykin
Michael A.G. Haykin

…After sharing his story of how he came to study Patristics at Wycliffe College in Toronto, he fields a number of questions regarding the how and why of early church study. Below is a summary of Dr. Haykin’s thoughts which the aspiring scholar might find invaluable.

Why study the fathers no matter what field you are in?

As Christians we are united to believers across time based upon the teachings of Christ and the apostles. We believe in a Catholic Christianity. The Trinitarian and Christological thought of the earliest theologians available to us through their writings are the bedrock of our faith.

Where do I start if I am interested in becoming more familiar with the church fathers?

Here are some good places to start. Also, you can view Dr. Haykin’s Reading Plan for the Latin Fathers.

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Is there work still to be done in the church fathers?

Absolutely! There remain unexhausted topics even within the major historical figures. Dr. Haykin believes the area of reception history in certain ancient theologians could benefit from more attention.

Dr. Michael Haykin – Why Read the Church Fathers (audio)

Podcast [mp3]