July 9-11, 2015 “The Church Discipline Conference” feat. Jeff Pollard, Rob Ventura, Scott Brown, Dan Horn, Jason Dohm + more in Wake Forest, NC. [NCFIC]

Scott Brown
Scott Brown

Scott Brown:

What does the Bible say about church discipline?

Please join me (Scott Brown), Dr. Joe Morecraft, Jeff Pollard, Dan Horn, Jason Dohm, Dan Ford, Lael Weinberger, and Rob Ventura as we examine what Scripture has to say about this important issue.

This conference will be held at Hope Baptist Church, July 9-11, 2015. To help prepare you for this conference, we would like to give you a copy of Lael Weinberger and Bob Renaud’s book, A Tale of Two Governments for FREE when you register. For more information and to register, go to the conference page. We hope to see you there!

church discipline

Conference Overview:

At this conference we will bring an exegetical understanding and practical application of the various texts of Scripture that deal with the matter of discipline in the church. The church today has largely set aside church discipline as one of its ordinary means of grace, and as a result, even pastors are unclear on what the Bible says on the matter.

  • I. Introduction

    1. The God Who Disciplines Sons
    2. How New Testament Texts are Case Law
    3. Church Discipline in History

    II. Exposition of Biblical Texts

    4. Dealing with the Unforgiving, Matt 18:15-17
    5. Dealing with Scandalous Sin, 1 Corinthians 5:11-13
    6. Dealing with the Disorderly, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-14
    7. Dealing with the Divisive, Romans 16:17-19
    8. Dealing with False Teachers, Titus 3:8-11
    9. Discipline of Elders, 1 Timothy 5:19-20, Gal 2:11-14

    III. Important Issues

    10. Understanding Repentance, 2 Corinthians 7:9-12
    11. Should Repentance Always Stop the Chastisement?
    12. How Should Church Members Treat the Disciplined?
    13. The Case for Elder/Presbytery Discipline
    14. The Case for Congregational Discipline
    15. Q&A Regarding Presbytery or Congregational Discipline
    16. Church Membership and Church Discipline
    17. How Does the Family Relate to a Father or Mother Who Has Been Excommunicated?
    18. Legal Issues Surrounding Church Discipline and the State

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James White on John MacArthur’s answer on how to deal with an adult child who “comes out” which the Huffington Post picked up

james White John MacArthur

“Pastor Says Parents Should ‘Alienate’ Gay Kids, ‘Turn Them Over To Satan’, reads the title of a post on The Huffington Post Gay Voices from this past Friday. James White recorded two videos, over the weekend, interacting with how the Huffington Post [not linked due to links on that site] and Patheos took this:

A Screenflow video prompted by the attack made upon JM’s answer on the Huffington Post.

Video 1:

Video 2:

[source: AOMin, 2]

Is Participation an Endorsement?: Infant Baptism, Church Discipline, & the Consciences of Believers [Wapping Church]

A page from the Wapping Church Book, the minute book kept by Hercules Collins’s church.
A page from the minute book of Wapping Church

Steve Weaver:

Given the strong views on baptism held by the first three pastors [John Spilsbury, John Norcott, and Hercules Collins] of the Wapping church [“London’s oldest Baptist church”] and these early Baptists’ commitment to holding members accountable to the teaching of Scripture, it should come as no surprise that church members were often disciplined for having their infants sprinkled.


On October 2, 1677, Charles Cheney was excommunicated for (among other things) “the grand Error of the Baptisme of Infants.”


The next month, the Wapping Church Book records that Elizabeth Durbon “was sharply Reproved for the Sin of Sprinkling her Infant Contrary to the Rules of Christ and the Gospel.” Durbon was not excommunicated because when confronted with her “evill” act, she repented of it and “fell under it before them for doing that which was Contrary to the Command of Christ and the practice of the Apostles and the Constitution of this Church and her own Covenant.”


Likewise, in September of 1685, a Brother Hemings was brought before the church where he “did there acknowledge his Evele” in the sprinkling of his child.


It was even considered a serious matter merely to attend an infant’s sprinkling…

Read the rest

Church Discipline: Earl Blackburn Interviewed by Mark Dever

Earl Blackburn
Earl Blackburn

Earl Blackburn, pastor of Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA for 22 years and now pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA, talks candidly with Dr. Mark Dever about the practical outworking of church discipline in a variety of different circumstances.

Download [mp3]:

[source: 9Marks posted June 6, 2011]


Interview #16: Jeff Johnson – The Church, Why Bother? (2 of 2), Book Giveaway + More


On episode 16 of our podcast, we finish up our two-part interview [part one here] with Jeff Johnson on his book The Church: Why Bother? The Nature, Purpose and Functions of the Local Church.

Then we talk about some Reformed Baptist headlines.


Book Giveaway:


Paperback ]

This week you have a chance to win one of two paperbacks of Jeff Johnson’s book The Church: Why Bother? The Nature, Purpose and Functions of the Local Church.

Books & Sites Mentioned:

Headlines Mentioned:

urgent solid ground


Credopedia.org – A wiki dedicated to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, commonly called the 1689, and theology in accordance with the doctrines contained therein.

Post-Interview Music:

The Church’s One Foundation (can be downloaded free on Cardiphonia’s Hymns of Faith album here or another version is found on Indelible Grace)

Building Biblical Churches Conference Audio From The Spurgeon Fellowship Of Florida

building biblical churches

The Spurgeon Fellowship of Florida hosted its first regional conference for the year 2013 in Pensacola, Fl at Mt. Zion Bible Church on February 15th-16th. The topic of the conference was Building Biblical Churches.

The sermon topics were The Gospel, Evangelism/Discipleship, Conversion, Biblical Preaching, Biblical Theology, Church Membership, Church Discipline, and Church Leadership.

Our Speakers were (starting photo left):

bbc speakers

Joshua Henry, Robb Coleman, Jeff Hunter, Jonny White, Chris Hatton, Joshua Wallnofer and Jeff Pollard.

The prayer behind this conference was that the Lord would use this conference to promote unity, cooperation, and fellowship among like-minded local churches.

Conference audio:

building biblical churches prev


[source: Spurgeon Fellowship of Florida]