Radio interview w/ Michael Haykin on “The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement” [Iron Sharpens Iron]


From a recently posted Iron Sharpens Iron Radio from July 5, 2016 with Chris Arnzen:

michael haykinDR. MICHAEL HAYKIN,
Professor of Church History & Biblical Spirituality (2008),
Director of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY
& author of
Baptist Story BookTHE BAPTIST STORY: From English Sect to Global Movement

2 hour audio [mp3]:

Tom Ascol’s radio interview on “Bringing Maturity to Young, Restless & Reformed” [Iron Sharpens Iron]

From the recently posted April 19, 2016 Iron Sharpens Iron radio show:

Pastor Tom Ascol
Pastor Tom Ascol


Executive Director of Founders Ministries
to discuss

Richard Barcellos’ radio interview on his book “Better Than the Beginning” [Iron Sharpens Iron]

Barcellos_better_than_the_beginning__73910.1369667072.1280.1280From the recently posted February 23, 2016 Iron Sharpens Iron Radio show (relevant audio begin a little before the 63 minute mark):

Pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Palmdale, CA,
“BETTER THAN THE BEGINNING: Creation in Biblical Perspective”

2 hour audio:

Check out our interviews with the author on this book:



Jeff Johnson’s two hour radio interview on his book “The Church: Why Bother?” [Iron Sharpens Iron | AUDIO]

the church why bother johnsonFrom the recently posted Feb. 17, 2016 show:

Founder of Free Grace Press &
will address his book:

Two hour audio [mp3]:

You may also listen to your two part interview with the author:



New Book: “The Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists: 1772-1830” by Brandon Smith & Kurt Smith + Radio Interview [ISI]

Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists

Who Were They and What Did They Believe?
Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith with Introduction by Tom Nettles

$14.95 (40% Discount!)



TOM NETTLES begins his helpful Introduction with these words: “This present volume highlights the early days of theological witness among Baptists in Georgia. Truly noble were these men, Marshall, Marshall, and Mercer, who grasped the importance of embracing and proclaiming all the truths of God’s revelation to men. Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith have given a clear and vigorous discussion of the early Baptist witness to the gospel in Georgia. That sinners are reconciled to God, are removed from their condition of condemnation, by the mercy and grace of God, apart from any meritorious attainment on the part of man, yea, in spite of the massive accumulations of demerit should sound like good news in the ear of any that truly feels the justice of God’s wrath and anger against him. These humble heroes of truth among Georgia Baptists were concerned that the trust that sinners had was fully directed toward Christ alone with an undiluted sense of their dependence on the divine initiative, continuance, and consummation in their salvation.”

One of the authors, Brandon Smith, was interviewed about this book on Iron Sharpens Iron on February 10, 2016. The relevant audio is the first 60 minutes of the audio [mp3]:

You may also listen to the time when we interviewed Brandon Smith on this topic:


Jeff Johnson’s radio interview on his latest book “The Absurdity of Unbelief” [Iron Sharpens Iron | AUDIO]

absurdity of unbelief

The Iron Sharpen’s Iron Radio Podcast is resuming, and just this week they posted the following interview from Feb. 4, 2016:

JEFFREY D. JOHNSON, Founder of Free Grace Press & Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Conway, AR, will address his book:

2 hour audio:

Reformed Baptists Interviewed on Iron Sharpens Iron Radio includes Walt Chantry, James White, Mike Gaydosh, John Samson + More

One of the reasons we started The Confessing Baptist Podcast wasn’t because we were pros (as you can easily guess) or for the money (wait, people don’t lose money off this kind of stuff!?) but because we simply wanted to interview Reformed Baptist pastors or those who could inform us more about our Particular Baptist history since no one else was doing something like that.

Christopher Arnzen
Christopher Arnzen

This is why we previously showed our excitement for Iron Sharpens Iron Radio with Chris Arnzen coming back June 1, 2015. We knew he’d conduct many great interviews that would help fill that niche (plus he is a pro and even has sponsors!).

Of course, his interviewee scope is much broader than ours, but he does get some Reformed Baptists on, and those are the shows we’ll be highlighting below:



June 1, 2015 ISI Radio Show with James White on Same Sex Marriage [mp3]:

June 4, 2015 Radio Show with Pastor John Samson discussing his journey out of the Word of Faith movement [mp3]:

June 15, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor John Samson on “God’s Sovereignty in Election” [mp3]:

June 17, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Mike Gaydosh of Solid Ground Christian Books on “The Providence of God” [mp3]:

June 23, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor Marc Grimaldi on “The Loving Act of Church Discipline” [mp3]:

June 25, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Steve Schultz on “Classical Christian Education” [mp3]:

July 6, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Mike Gaydosh on “The Providence of God” Part 2 [mp3]:

July 7, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor John Samson on “God’s Sovereignty in Election” Part 2 [mp3]:

July 8, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor Mack Tomlinson on “Marks of Biblically Faithful Preaching” [mp3]:

July 13, 2015 ISI Radio Show with Pastor Walt Chantry on his book “Today’s Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?” [mp3]:

Keep an eye out on the upcoming interview schedule for more great content and look for book giveaways during his live-stream.

Chris Arnzen’s “Iron Sharpens Iron” Radio back on the airwaves TODAY! 4-5pm EDT + new site/podcast

As previously announced, Iron Sharpens Iron Radio returns to the Airwaves LIVE, beginning today, JUNE 1, 2015 at 4-5PM EDT!

For the link to listen live, updates, and podcast (to come) check out their new site @

iron sharpens iron radio header2

Subscribe to Iron Sharpens Iron on-demand / podcast:

Chris Arnzen’s “Iron Sharpens Iron” Radio back on the airwaves June 1, 2015

Here is an exciting update from an announcement we posted back in January by Chris Arnzen:

Returns to the Airwaves LIVE
MONDAY, JUNE 1st, 4-5PM EDT!!!
Listen DAILY LIVE worldwide Monday thru Friday!!!
Iron Sharpens Iron
I am delighted to be a new addition to the broadcasting family at the quickly rising
Just click here to listen to “Iron Sharpens Iron” LIVE 
everyday 4-5PM Eastern wherever on the globe you live:
MANY thanks to: 
for making this long-awaited relaunch possible!
Christopher Arnzen
Christopher Arnzen

Also many heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contacted me from around the world over the years, both friends & total strangers alike, expressing prayerful hopes, invigorating encouragement & enthusiastic anticipation for my program’s return.

Please join me in praying all that is said & done on this broadcast will be edifying to God’s people & enlightening to the lost, & will bring praise, honor & glory to the name of Jesus Christ!

Q&A with James White on Theonomy, Gay Christians, Islam, Covenants, Baptism, Cults + more [AUDIO]

Last week (March 25, 2015) Dr. James White did a Q&A at Sovereign Grace Family Church.


Although the event said he would be answering question on Islam and Christian Baptism the questions were much more varied.

Audio Timeline & Links:

Christopher Arnzen
Christopher Arnzen

• 00:00 – 03:54 Intro by Chris Arnzen (he fills us in that Iron Sharpens Iron will be relaunched in 3-4 weeks!)

• 03:55 – 10:16 James White’s opening words on focusing on Christ not any “celebrity” (here is the video he mentions “James White’s scary 5 year prediction for the church“)

• 10:17 – 18:51  “Do you believe Theonomy to be a heresy…?” (here is his “Holiness Code for Today” series that he mentions)

Justin Lee & James White Debate
Justin Lee & James White Debate

• 18:52 – 25:17 “How should we approach gays who call themselves Christians?” (here is the debate mentioned Debate: Can You Be Gay & Christian? – James White & Justin Lee)

• 25:18 – 29:00 “When a homosexual says, ‘We all have our pet sin’ how do you approach that?”

• 29:01 – 30:49 “While many Christians speak of it being a reality that same-sex attraction exist amongst truly born-again people, why is it that very few dare to say the same of some of the abominations recorded in the Scriptures such as bestiality and necrophilia?”

• 30:50 – 34:47 “What part, if any, do you believe that Islam plays in the end times?”

• 34:48 – 41:31 “If you agree that the Abrahamic Covenant is a covenant of promise to believers and their children and is an eternal covenant, so how is the New Covenant any different?”

Steven Anderson & James White
Steven Anderson & James White

• 41:32 – 45:49 “In an interview with a King James Only guy you made the comment about Paul quoting an Old Testament variant… would you please comment on how that would affect the Word of God being perfect.” (here is the interview that was being discussed with Steve Anderson)

• 45:50 – 51:38 “How great of a danger do you see presented by the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ as compared to other religious or spiritual movements?”

TrinityShield_300• 51:39 – 55:22 “How or should we condemn Unitarianism and Modalism as damnable heresy even if it maintains a view of Christ’s deity when at the same time many Christian apologist recognize that the majority of Evangelicals in the pew could not Biblically define the Trinity without slipping into a Modalist [or Unitarian] example.”

• 55:45 – 64:00 “How would you teach the best way to approach a Muslim with the Gospel? …”


65 Minute Audio [MP3]:

Chris Arnzen’s “Iron Sharpens Iron” Radio Show Archive [MP3s] + an update on ISI

ISIheaderA while back, Chris Arnzen mentioned that the Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) radio show mp3s were going offline. That came to pass but, thankfully, Brandon Adams has downloaded and made them accessible to all via a public Dropbox folder which you can access here.

Never heard of ISI!? James Swan describes it:

If you’re weary of the typical fluffy Christian radio broadcasts, you’ll find Iron Sharpens Iron addresses a multitude of topics from a distinctly Reformed Christian worldview. Chris asks the right questions, presents guests who have the answers, and continually challenges Christians to apply their faith to every aspect of their lives.

Here are some commendations:

Iron Sharpens Iron

“Chris Arnzen’s love for and confidence in Scripture causes him to address issues without fear while showing great respect for those who may disagree with his views. That’s what makes IRON SHARPENS IRON such an informative and beneficial radio program. If you want to hear clear, concise thinking from a biblical perspective, listen to this show!”
Dr. Tom Ascol

“If the rest of Christian radio would try to do what Chris Arnzen is doing with IRON SHARPENS IRON the body of Christ would be blessed and edified. As it stands, IRON SHARPENS IRON is unique.”
Dr. James R. White

“IRON SHARPENS IRON is a welcome addition to the Talk Show genre. There are enough conservative talk shows that deal with politics. Chris Arnzen routinely deals with issues far more important than politics. People would do well to listen regularly to IRON SHARPENS IRON. No one does a better job than Chris Arnzen.”
David Dykstra

“In a sea of distractions from the central message of Christianity, Chris Arnzen brings insight, joy, and biblical wisdom to bear on issues of interest to us all. Beyond informing, it will transform your thinking with the renewing power of God’s Word.”
Dr. Michael Horton

“Chris Arnzen is not afraid to deal with difficult issues or ask the hard questions. I appreciate the straightforward way IRON SHARPENS IRON tackles vital topics. It’s refreshing to hear a radio broadcast regularly deal with truly important, rather than trivial, matters.”
Dr. John MacArthur

Christopher Arnzen
Christopher Arnzen

Chris Arnzen also asked the RBList to, “Please pray that I can overcome a couple of financial hurdles in order to get “ISI” back on the air soon. A network is interested in relaunching it when I’m ready.“(!)

Chris Arnzen’s review of the movie ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’


LET MY PEOPLE *GROAN*!! I just saw Hollywood’s latest version of the Exodus story. Hollywood, especially in the 21st century, is not known for its love for, or even its mild respect for the Holy Scriptures (as they are written). It is notorious for the antithesis of that. That is a given. However, the thing I will never understand is why people who are in an industry where one of the top priorities has always been adding millions to their already overflowing wealth would create films that upset the primary audiences most crucial to appease in order to profit more abundantly (faithful Christians & Jews). Why do they continue to grossly disappoint & offend those who would have otherwise continued to feed their wealth by their eager promotion of the films they have created, not to mention multiple viewings of them, & subsequent purchases of DVDs, T-shirts, chachkies & paraphernalia related to these films???


Christopher Arnzen
Christopher Arnzen

Even coming from the standpoint of cinematic art, why make stories that are well known to the masses (even to those with just a cursory knowledge of the Bible & a mere sentimental reverence for it) far LESS interesting visually, cinematically & in every other way by removing or subduing the miraculous??? Now, having said that, this new film on the Exodus story does have some visually *stunning* special effects, such as scenes of the plagues God brought down upon the Egyptians. But [SPOILER ALERT!] the spectacular is quelled by giving mere *natural* explanations of these plagues. Also, in a day & age when special effects no longer require the risk of having supernatural occurrences look laughably hokey (even for future generations) if the filmmakers have enough capital, why REMOVE the PARTING of the Red Sea??? Here we have been given an UNNECESSARY anticlimactic LOWERING (DRAINING) of the Red Sea!!!! A movie about Moses without the PARTING of the Red Sea??? Come on!!! Why not take FULL advantage of the amazing technological advances now available in Hollywood, stick to the true Biblical account & make the BEST PARTING of the Red Sea EVER SEEN (other than the one seen by those when it actually happened, of course).


I can only assume Hollywood’s filmmakers hate God’s Truth so much, & are so embarrassed by it when they involve themselves in creating a so-called Biblical epic, that they simply find diluting & degrading what has been proclaimed in His Word far too irresistible, even if it means making less money, or losing it. It’s hard to believe (even when only looking at this as a *business* investment) that they don’t fully realize those who should have been their target consumers, true Christians & faithful Jews, will not be able to enjoy this movie in spite of anything aesthetically amazing about it. The UNNECESSARY changes in the Biblical account will have you continually wincing & shaking your head for 2 & 1/2 hours. You’ll just wind up like me, groaning in the parking lot, wishing that you did something far more interesting with your time & money, like getting a haircut. I’m so glad I only purchased 2 tickets, unlike those who will be unfortunately hauling their whole family out to see this mess.


In His gip,

Chris Arnzen

[posted with the author’s permission]

Chris Arnzen: Robin Williams committed suicide… A Christian response to suicide [Audio]


Chris Arnzen posted the following on the Reformed Baptist Discussion List late last night:

I just heard the tragic news that world renowned, beloved comedian Robin Williams committed suicide, at 63, apparently of asphyxia, & was found dead at approximately 12noon today.


If anyone would like to share with others the free downloadable MP3 of an excellent radio interview I conducted on this very sensitive issue, especially since the topic of suicide is bound to be spoken of frequently by Christians & the lost alike in the days to come, feel free to pass on this link: “SUICIDE: A Christian Response”: Pastor Bill Shishko on Iron Sharpens Iron (2-13-08).


One comforting note is that I know reliable eyewitnesses who are aware that Robin over the years has investigated Christianity (& specifically Reformed Theology), & has visited, off & on, conservative Presbyterian & Reformed Baptist churches in CA, NYC & Canada. A Reformed Baptist friend (who he met at a mutual friend’s funeral years ago) actually accompanied Robin to rehab, at Robin’s request.


Whether or not he ever truly embraced Christ & His Gospel may be only known to him & to God.


In His grip,

Chris Arnzen
Chris Arnzen

Here is the one hour audio from the 2008 interview [mp3]:

[posted with author’s permission]

Update Aug. 15, 2014: Mike Gaydosh’s encounter with Robin Williams