New (Free) eBook: “The Lord’s Day” by Sam Waldron

The Lord’s Day
Its Presuppositions, Proofs, Precedents, and Practice

by Sam Waldron

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Dr. Sam Waldron

The Lord’s Day is a thoroughly up-to-date consideration of the Fourth Commandment and its ramifications for modern Christianity. Its four sections include the Presuppositions that influence our thinking; Proofs at creation, by Moses, and in the New Testament; Precedents in the Apostolic Fathers and John Calvin; and finally its Practice. While precise and careful, the author avoids extremes and makes the nuances and complexities of the theological issues clear for most Christians.

Pages: 138

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Chapel Library & Free Grace Broadcaster


Mount Zion Bible Church has a ministry called Chapel Library that is well worth checking out! From their site:

Our purpose is to humble the pride of man, exalt the grace of God in salvation, and promote real holiness in heart and life by distributing messages from Spurgeon, Bonar, Ryle, Pink, and the Puritans to churches, missions, schools, prisons, and individuals. Available online worldwide and sending in print to more than 90 countries, Chapel Library is a faith ministry that relies entirely upon God’s faithfulness. We therefore do not solicit donations, but we gratefully receive support from those who freely desire to give.

Chapel Library also offers the Free Grace Broadcaster:

The Free Grace Broadcaster is a 48-page quarterly digest of classic messages from prior centuries. Each issue focuses on a different theme. Unified Bible exposition from multiple centuries of Christian history brings clarity and conviction! The Broadcaster is useful for personal devotions, discipleship, family worship, training, and sermon preparation.

Downloads, e-subscriptions, print subscriptions, Spanish resources, and an online complete archive of John Bunyan are just some of the resources available from this site. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Pastor Keith Myer of Harvest Baptist Church [SBC] for the tip!)

2009 Passion for God Conference Audio

On November 20-22, 2009 Chapel Libary (Mount Zion Bible Church) hosted at Faith Bible Church of Springfield, Il. held a conference entitled “A Passion for God”. Audio is at Sermon Audio or  below:

chapel libray

Curt Daniel: A Passionate Love for Christ A Passionate Love for Christ

Curt Daniel: God’s Passion for God God’s Passion for God

Curt Daniel: False Religious Passion False Religious Passion

Steve Lawson: A Passion for God A Passion for God

Steve Lawson: A Zeal for the Gospel A Zeal for the Gospel

Steve Lawson: Rekindling Your Spiritual Fire Rekindling Your Spiritual Fire

Jeff Pollard: Holy Violence (in seeking Christ) Holy Violence (in seeking Christ)

Jeff Pollard: Urgent Challenge to Young Christians Urgent Challenge to Young Christians

Jeff Pollard: Passionate Repentance Passionate Repentance

Jeff Pollard: Fervent Prayer Fervent Prayer



Chapel Library is a ministry of Mount Zion Bible Church, a Christ-centered church in Pensacola, Florida, with approximately 80 attending. The worldwide ministries have ten full-time and four part-time staff, and operate under the oversight of the elders of MZBC.


Our purpose is to humble the pride of man, to exalt the grace of God in salvation, and to promote real holiness in heart and life, by sending Christ-centered materials from prior centuries worldwide without charge.

We believe that Holy Scripture is the only sufficient, certain, and infallible rule of all saving knowledge, faith, and obedience. Our doctrinal statement is expressed in the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 (PDF), one of the historic statements of Reformation faith.

We operate by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, distributing worldwide without charge as the Lord provides. We do not ask for donations, send promotional mailings, or share our mailing list.