An Open Letter to the Abortive Mother [Tom Chantry]

Pastor Tom Chantry:

babyTo the Abortive Mother:

I’m sure that you, like everyone else in America, recognizes that we may well be in the midst of a sea change on the issue of abortion. A few years ago, when Kermit Gosnell (a rather typical inner city abortionist) was tried and sentenced, the true nature of the abortion industry began to leak out. Now, due to the stunning revelations of the Center for Medical Progress, the truth is front and center. In spite of the desire of the media to shield you and the rest of us from the truth, in spite of two entertaining primary races, and in spite of a dust-up at congress within the President’s party, there is still a great deal of light shining on the behind-the-scenes activities of Planned Parenthood. Both sides are quick to sing the party line, but I’ve been wondering how to talk to you.

Many in America have attempted to ignore the ugly details, but you, of all people, cannot afford to do that. One of the terrible revelations of the last few weeks has been that Planned Parenthood regularly misleads those who come into their clinics. You may have been told a story about curing cancer, and even if you refused to donate “tissue” the remains of your baby may have been taken and sold. It turns out no one was concerned with your dignity and privacy, and that the comforting words were all a façade. You, of all of us, need to look this scandal squarely in the face and acknowledge what has been done to you.

Pastor Tom Chantry
Pastor Tom Chantry

That is because in one sense you are among the victims of the cruel corporation which receives half a billion dollars of our state and federal funds every year in order to perpetrate this monstrosity on us. But in another sense, and I know I am telling you something you already recognize, most of you are not really victims. You were not pinned down by a secret criminal enterprise and forced to “donate” specimens; instead you, a person with free will and a conscience, chose this path. That is the real reason it is so difficult to know how to address you.

Now I understand that “abortive mother” is a diverse group. For starters, there are about 58,000,000 of you. You could hardly fit into one simple category. A few of you believe you did a good thing. Others have doubts, even if you put on a brave face to the world. Others have deep regrets. Some are depressed, some convicted. Some have come to have peace with what you now believe was a very poor decision. Some of you are my sisters in Christ – saved for exactly the same reason as myself: because Jesus saves sinners like me whose souls are home to unspeakable evil and who sometimes act on it.

I understand this diversity, and so I ask your patience: hear me out. I may not appear to speak to where you are – and how can I hope to do so for so many people? But what I have to say applies, I believe, to every one of you.

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Voddie Baucham & James White answer questions regarding homosexuality & abortion + more [5 short Wretched TV clips]

Baucham and White
Voddie Baucham & James White

Wretched TV – with Todd Friel” has featured some clips from their daily update archive, over the past several weeks, featuring Voddie Baucham and James White.

Below are the clips with timeline:

James White’s scary 5 year prediction for the church [7 min. vid.]:

  • 0:00 – 2:10 “Where do you see the church, with its relationship to the government in five years regarding the issue on homosexuality?”
  • 2:11 – 4:20 “[W]here do you see the relationship of Christianity, specifically the local church now, in ten years with the state?”
  • 4:21 – 6:27 “Is there anything that the Evangelical Christian who is hearing this can do?”

Three types of homosexuals??? [4 min. vid.]:

  • 0:00 – 0:29 “Would you stand on a platform with… a Mormon, with a Rabbi, with a Imam to talk about the importance of coming together on the life issue or the marriage issue?”
  • 0:30 – 4:03  “There are three types of homosexuals…  [the first two groups] are not the enemy… and they are actually the harvest field therefore I show them love?”

Voddie Baucham and Scott Kluesendorf: Should Christians be incrementalists re. abortion? [5 min. vid.]:

  • 0:00 – 1:34 What would Voddie say to the person who insist “No incrementalism, it’s everything or nothing!”?
  • 1:35 – 3:20 “What do you say then to the person who responds, “Incrementalism? We don’t do that with other forms of murder. We don’t do that with rape. ‘Hey, we’re against rape BUT we’ll take this piece of legislation that doesn’t completely outlaw it…'”?
    • 3:28 – 4:56 Scott Kluesendorf continues to answer the above

Voddie Baucham and Scott Kluesendorf: Should we publicly display pictures of aborted babies? [4 min. vid.]:

  • 0:27 – 1:24 Scott Kluesendorf answers
  • 1:25 –  2:37 Voddie Baucham answers

Voddie Baucham and James White: Should we call people who have had abortions “murderers?” [3 min. vid.]:

  • 0:35 – 2:02 James White answers
  • 2:20 – 3:46 Voddie Baucham answers

‘A Conversation about Ferguson’ [VIDEO] feat. Voddie Baucham + more [RAAN]

Ferguson_Day_6_Picture_44Here is the video of Phillip Holmes, of the Reformed African American Network,  moderating a cyber-panel that took place last night [Dec. 2, 2014]. :

…featuring Lecrae, James White [of Christ Our King Community Church, Cary, NC], Voddie Baucham and B.J. Thompson regarding Ferguson.


Panelists will talk about their initial response, the root of the pain surrounding the events, the mission of the church and much more…

72 Min. Video:

James White’s Critique of a Pro-abortion Argument [Audio|Video] + How you can easily speed up YouTube videos [Tip]

Just as he planned:

James White reviewed the opening remarks, a pro-choice argument I’ve not heard before, of David Boonin when he debated Peter Kreeft on abortion in 2010 (full debate video) in the first 53 minutes of his May 22, 2014 webcast:




If you listen to The Dividing Line then you know that James White often speeds up audio that he plays on the show so that he can get through more of it. Since this was video he said he couldn’t speed it up. Well…

YouTube had an HTML5 experimental version that you could enable that used which allowed you to speed up YouTube videos.

As of Monday, Google Operating System reported that Chrome now uses YouTube’s HTML5 player by default, so Chrome uses won’t have to do anything to enable this option.

To speed up a YouTube video just click the “gear” button in the lower right-hand of the video player, then choose the speed you want:

html5 youtube play vids faster

Johnny Farese, absent from the body, present with the Lord. [1959-2014]

farese (2)From some comments on Facebook that I’m leaving anonymous:

Some of you will know Johnny Farese, a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church for years. Johnny was born disabled, and for over a decade was unable to sit up, feed himself, and had difficulty breathing. In spite of that, Johnny ran the incredibly useful global “Reformed Baptist Church Directory”, and his [Farese] mailing list served as a clearinghouse of RB news for years.


We tuned into the Emmanuel Baptist Church evening service tonight [March 9, 2014], and learned that Jesus has called Johnny Farese to come home and be with Him…

Another summed up his life:

Johnny Farese was entirely paralyzed. About the only things he could move were his eyes and mouth, yet still managed to circulate the prayer requests between the Reformed Baptist churches around the United States. He was a prolific website programmer and coded HTML using a microphone. See his website, Farese’s condition never became a way to excuse himself from kingdom work…

Here is the testimony he had on his site:

I came into this world on 27 August 1956, the second of Vincent and Joan Farese’s seven children.  My older brother Bernie was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a severely crippling disease that meant that he was never able to walk.  So was I  – and a younger sister Tina.   In each case, the doctors told my parents that the child concerned would not live beyond its eighth birthday. Tina died of pneumonia when she was four years old…


Like most new Christians, I found myself full of zeal.  I wanted to be baptized, join a Bible-believing church, and do whatever I could to serve others. I remembered Jesus had said that he ‘did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many’ (Matthew 20:28) and that ‘no servant is greater than his master’ (John 13:16).  Being bedridden, I was not sure that I could contribute anything to others, but by the grace of God I am able to be of energetic service in ways far beyond anything I had imagined.


fareseIn light of my physical condition, I am often asked the age-old question, ‘How can an all-powerful God of love allow you to suffer in this way?  Surely the Bible says that God always does what is right?     Yes it does – and he does!   I have come to see that suffering is one of the many ways in which God demonstrates his unfailing love to those who have come to put their trust in him.   Writing out of his own painful experience, the Psalmist says, ‘It was good for me to be afflicted, so that I might learn your decrees’ (Psalm 119:71) – and I gladly endorse every word of that testimony…


Although I am bedridden,  struggle to breathe comfortably, and often have to contend with painful bed sores, I count them as ‘light and momentary troubles’ (2 Corinthians 4:17)  For all the difficulties they cause, I know that they are achieving for me ‘an eternal glory that far outweighs them all’ (2 Corinthians 4:17)  How trivial they will all seem in the light of the eternal bliss that awaits God’s children in the world to come!

Read his testimony [9 min. readout]

In this video Johnny Farese shares his testimony of God’s sovereign saving grace in his life and how God’s sovereignty is a comfort to him. From nationally syndicated television show produced by CrossTV.:

[HT: Reformed Baptist Fellowship]

And here he and his family share more about his disability and speak about the sanctity of life and the atrocities of abortion around the world on Dr. D. James Kennedy “The Coral Ridge Hour”:

Iron Sharpens Iron Radio interview with his pastor filling in for him from June 2009:

…Johnny was incredibly useful to his local church and the global church, even with a body that was nearly completely incapacitated. His life is a rebuke to me, but a testament to God’s incredible power in giving a man the ability to overcome crushing weakness, and fill him with a spirit of love and service rather than bitterness and regret.


I am glad that Johnny’s days of weakness are over, and his days of unending strength are just starting.

From the comments I am seeing on Facebook it is clear to see that he was an inspiration to many believers. Maybe including you? How did his life (which he would say was of God’s grace and all for God’s glory) inspire you?

Update March 13, 2014: His pastor’s [Jeffery Smith] post on his passing:

The memorial service for Johnny Farese has been scheduled for Friday, March 28th at 7pm at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Coconut Creek Fl. This is open to the general public.  A private graveside service will be held for the immediate family this Friday.

Roger Nicole’s letter to Justice Harry Blackmun regarding his Roe vs. Wade Legacy [Abortion]

Dr. Nicole’s letter to Justice Harry Blackmun upon the occasion of Blackmun’s retirement from the Supreme Court back in 1994:

April 13, 1994

Mr. Justice Harry A. Blackmun
United States Supreme Court
Washington, D.C.

Your Honor:

The Orlando Sentinel reports that in the prospect of your impending retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court you are wondering what you will be remembered for…

To my mind nothing else that you ever have done can approximate the impact of your support of the majority opinion of the Court in the case of Roe vs. Wade.

This has opened the door to millions of abortions…

for the sake of expediency or selfish motives. It has encouraged millions of women and thousands of physicians to participate in this murderous course.

In 4 B.C. Herod the Great ordered the killing of perhaps a few dozens of babies, but his name remains famous for this “massacre of the innocents” (Matthew 2:16).

In the Civil War of 1861-65, one of the bloodiest on record in terms of the size of the armies involved, there were perhaps close to 500,000 casualties. But Roe vs. Wade has made already 30 million victims since 1973, and this number grows every day.

In World War II, the USA suffered somewhat more than 400,000 deaths due to the conflict: this is only 1/75th of the number of the abortion hecatomb.

In the Viet Nam hostilities there were some 60,000 fatalities. You would need 500 Viet Nam walls, enough to encircle the whole of D.C., to record those put to death by abortion.

The infamous holocaust engineered by the Nazis brought death to some 6,000,000 Jews and other innocent people. The name of Hitler is inextricably associated with this monstrous atrocity. Yet Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald, Treblinka and others together exterminated only one-fifth of those whose life was snuffed out before birth by Roe vs. Wade.

The Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor cased the death of 2,300 Americans, and President Roosevelt, who surely cannot be accused of being politically right wing, stigmatized this occasion by calling it “a day of infamy.” Now two “decades of infamy” have cost our nation a loss as great as 13,000 “Pearl Harbors.”

Rest assured, therefore, your Honor, that this legacy of yours will ever be remembered and that your name will be associated with it. And unless you repent, when you appear before the Supreme Court of God you may well hear the verdict, “Your brothers; [and sisters’] blood cries out to me from the ground” (Genesis 4:10).


Roger Nicole, Ph.D. (Harvard)

P.S. If your parents had practiced what you believe, you might have been aborted, and the United States might have been spared this abomination. If my parents had practiced it, you would not receive this letter.


“Babies Are Murdered Here” Documentary Releases Free on 41st Roe v. Wade Anniversary [Jon Speed]

babies are murdered here abortion baby signChristian News Network:

On the anniversary of the 41st year since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in Roe v. Wade, a Christian film production company is releasing a documentary that challenges the Church to understand that Christians don’t have the right to remain silent when it comes to abortion.


Babies Are Murdered Here was filmed in multiple locations throughout the country over the past year and explores some of the most prevalent fallacies of the pro-life movement, including the tendency of many Christians to avoid characterizing abortion as murder…


Jon Speed, pastor of Christ is King Baptist Church in Syracuse, New York, worked alongside Pittman in the creation of the film and is also featured in a number of segments. He stated that much of the Body of Christ neglects this important mission field.


“If we really believe that this is murder, then go out there and do something about it,” he said. “There’s a quote in the film where R.C. Sproul Jr. says, ‘We need to stop being middle class American sissies.’ … Go out there and preach the Gospel to those who are about to murder their children.”


Connect with Christian News
One of the biggest mistakes made by pro-lifers, Speed said, is to leave the Gospel out of the equation.


“In the pro-life movement, the Gospel has been set on the back shelf,” he explained. “If it’s mentioned at all, it’s a very watered down Gospel that isn’t even recognizable as the Gospel according to the word of God.”


“What we’re saying is, take the Gospel to the clinics. Make that the central issue and not a side issue,” Speed continued. “Tell them that abortion is a crime against God. It’s murder, and they need to repent of that sin and trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation.”


Pittman also noted that many in the pro-life movement refer to abortion-minded women as victims, but Babies Are Murdered Here reveals that many women are very cognizant that abortion is murder and are still intent on killing their child.

Pastor Jon Speed:

The official statement of our church [Christ is King Baptist Church] on the release of the new documentary Babies Are Murdered Here [filmed by Crown Rights Media].

7 min. mp3:

One of his members interviewed him and the film-maker here:

babies are murdered here abortion baby

“Here is what we have been working on for the past year: the documentary Babies Are Murdered Here.  It is offered here for your instruction and challenge.  Please watch it prayerfully.” – Jon Speed


53 min. film:

Babies Are Murdered Here, is the new controversial pro-life documentary that examines the truth about abortion and the single biggest failure of the pro-life movement, not calling abortion what it really is…Murder. 

babies are murdered film prev

The Western Emperor Has No Clothes On – Conrad Mbewe

By Conrad Mbewe from A Letter From Kabwata

[Listen to 8 minute readout]

Even if you tried to bury your head in the sand, you can still hear the tremor in the ground of the Western carnival that is coming. The music and dancing are getting louder and louder. It is one of human-rights-with-no-holds-barred. It is coming with all the revelry that you would expect. It cannot be ignored.

However, one problem with this procession is that it long left its original route. There are no principles to guide it, except the whims of those who are hiding behind its masks and leading it in whichever direction they please. Even those of us who are in Africa are totally alarmed by its lack of principles.

The other problem is that the issues being fought for under the guise of human rights are so patently wrong that an African like me stands aghast as I look at the current campaigns, debates, and legal reforms in the West. I am asking myself, “But can’t everyone see that the emperor walking in front has no clothes on?”


A century or two ago, Christian missionaries came from the West and taught us the Bible. As a result of this, we did away with polygamy, cannibalism, tribal feuds, etc. We were taught to put on more clothing to hide our nakedness. We learned to desist from tattooing our bodies, which were now temples of the living God. We even stopped sacrificing our babies to ancestral spirits.

The perplexing turn-around
All this made sense. It was logical, once you realised that we were all created by God and in his image. But, alas, the very principles that we were taught from Scripture are now being abandoned wholesale by the countries where our missionaries came from! Sadly, the basic questions are not being answered in this turn-around. As a result, we are bewildered. A few examples should suffice:

Abortion: Who in the West does not know that life begins at conception? It must be obvious to all, therefore, that abortion is murder. Surely, we all know that we are killing fellow human beings in their mothers’ wombs in the millions every year. How come, then, that this reckless killing of babies is not being stopped?

Indecency: It is shocking to see what some adults wear when they leave their homes in the West. They leave very little to the imagination! As if that is not enough, billboard adverts all over the cities are full of naked women, or men and women poised in sexually suggestive positions. As for television and movies, indecency seems to be the stock of the trade. Add to this, public erotic kissing at stations and airports, etc. When visiting the West, I often feel like shouting, “Hey, guys, am I the only one around here who knows that all this is indecent?”

“Living together”: It is commonplace now in the West to have a man and a woman living together who are not married. Their parents know it and they just shrug their shoulders. How? I mean, how? How can a man start living with your daughter without getting your permission, as if she just fell from the sky? Surely it must be wrong. But again, are we the only ones who are seeing the obvious?

Homosexuality: Another bane of the West. Men are insisting on being given the “inalienable right” to have sex with fellow men. For me, this defies basic logic. I mean, how? The anatomy itself suggests that it is not possible. But, again, it does not seem obvious to everyone. This question is made even more pertinent when entire Christian denominations in the West that once sent us missionaries are passing laws to ordain homosexual clergy. I mean, how? Isn’t it patently wrong? We thought the Bible is clear on this matter, or are we reading different Bibles?

The world seems to have gone full circle. It was the West, through its Christian missionaries who taught us decency and propriety but now Western society is walking around half naked. It was the missionaries who taught us that marriage comprised one man and one woman for life, but now their own kith and kin are totally defacing this concept. It was the missionaries from the West who stopped us from sacrificing our babies but now millions of babies are being slaughtered in the West in their mother’s wombs. As for tattooing, don’t even talk about it.

Well, while I am asking these basic questions, the carnival is getting closer. It is coming. Not too long ago, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, visited Zambia. And on the day of his departure, he stated publicly that as a nation we should give equal rights to homosexuals. The whole nation, which took little notice of his presence until that moment (as we have bigger issues to worry about than political exchange visits), was suddenly buzzing with alarm!

I mean, how does an adult come all the way from Korea or America, or wherever it was he was coming from, and tell people who are battling real starvation and endemic corruption to allow males or females to be having sex with each other? Everyone was asking if there were no more pertinent issues for him to talk about. He was obviously straining a gnat, while swallowing an entire camel here.

The intolerant mindlessness
Let me repeat. The basic problem with this carnival is its mindlessness. There is no principle by which to hold truly intelligent discussion. It is being referred to as Post-modernism. It is the claim that ultimately there is no truth. Everything is relative, and so you must keep your opinion to yourself. Hence, someone said, “Let us get rid of religion—whether it is Islam or Christianity. It is just inhibiting us. What is important is that we love one another and care for our planet.”

But that is the point! Who determines “what is important”? Is it some collective feeling of intuition or hunch? Come on! Let’s face it: ultimately, we must have a final objective authority somewhere. We must have a non-moveable starting point. Christianity says that point is, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” We may disagree on some finer details but let us be clear: an intelligent moral being created us, and one day we must give an account to him.

Again, we are back to the emperor and his lack of clothes. In the ecstasy of Western carnival euphoria, adults nod at each other’s claim that science has proved that no one created this finely balanced and intricately complex universe. Everything was simply produced by a big bang aeons ago. They call that education. Surely, even a child can tell us that where there is a design there must be a designer. Even a child can see that the emperor doesn’t have his clothes on.

Sadly, this mindlessness is becoming intolerant of dissenting views. It sounds familiar. When an older generation here in Africa tried to hang on to the empty ways of our forefathers after the Christian missionaries taught us better, many of them simply refused to reason with the younger generation who were questioning the traditions. They would simply insist, “Ni ‘ntambi!” [“It is our culture!”]. In this way, they would halt all intelligent discussion. Any questioning was deemed high treason and serious repercussions would follow.

Sadly, I seem to be hearing the same song being sang in the Western carnival that is getting closer. Laws are being passed to the effect that anyone who says anything against homosexual practices, for instance, is liable to prosecution. It is being called “hate speech”, even if all you are doing is to show its abnormality and senselessness. At the rate we are going, it will be hate speech for me to say, “Look! The Western emperor has no clothes on!” Oops, I have already said it.

The Bible And Abortion – Jim Butler

The late John Murray said, “Nothing shows the moral bankruptcy of a people or of a generation more than disregard for the sanctity of life.”[1] Abortion is an indicator of the moral bankruptcy of people in this generation and demonstrates the exceeding wickedness of sin. The Bible reveals that man is created in the image of God, and therefore to murder man is to assault the divine majesty.[2] The fact that man is created in the image of God is not true only of healthy adults, but is true of man in every phase of his life. Man is the image of God before the fall into sin (Gen 1:26-28), after the fall into sin (Jas 3:9), in the womb (see below), as a child (Lev 18:21; Eph 6:4), as one physically handicapped (Lev 19:14; Mk 10:46-52), as an elderly person (Lev 19:32; Prov 16:31; 1 Tim 5:1), and as having dominion over the animals (Gen 1:28; Ps 8:6-8)…..

Read the rest.

Jon Speed explains why BAMH decided to separate themselves from AHA

In the above video, Jon Speed explains why “Babies Are Murdered Here” (an abortion documentary in the works, see trailer here) is no longer working with para-church ministry Abolish Human Abortion.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with the methods used, this video shows the difference between a Reformed Baptist ecclesiology vs. modern (21st Century American) parachurch ecclesiology.

John Speed is Pastor of Christ is King Baptist Church of Syracuse, NY.