Revised edition out: “The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology” by Pascal Denault + What’s New

The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology

A Comparison Between Seventeenth-Century Particular Baptist and Paedobaptist Federalism

by Pascal Denault

[ Paperback $18 | Kindle: $3.99 ]

What’s new in the revised edition?:

Pascal Denault

Pascal Denault:

Since my book first came out in January of 2013, I wanted to revise it. At first it was minor corrections and typos, but along the way came some important precision that I wanted to include in my work. I have written this blog post to explain what’s new in the revised edition of the Distinctiveness…


The minor changes (in addition to correcting typos) concern a small update of the bibliography with new works on covenant theology that became available since the first publication of the Distinctiveness. Also, thanks to the helpful remarks of Pastor Samuel Renihan, I have corrected some overstatement I had made concerning the views held by Particular Baptists as if there was only one common view regarding the Covenant of Grace and its relation with the Old and New Covenants. I did not revise the book to the point of presenting these other views held by some Particular Baptists, but I have nuanced some affirmations at least to acknowledge them. Regarding that matter, the readers will most certainly profit from the doctoral dissertation of pastor Renihan that will hopefully be published in a near future.


I greatly benefited from fruitful exchanges with Presbyterian pastors and brothers that helpfully critique the arguments I have presented. This brought me to a more refined understanding of the visible/invisible distinction of the church which led me to rewrite some areas of the book. Without endorsing the full paradigm of the normal paedobaptist mixed visible church, I came to a more robust ecclesiology and I think a more biblical and Baptist understanding of this important distinction. Also, I have modified some comments regarding paedobaptism that were perceived as being a little too harsh or unnecessarily provocative. I still wanted to offer a critique of the Presbyterian view, but in the irenic spirit of our forefathers. The readers will find, near the end of this revised edition, a new comparative chart that summarizes the differences between the Presbyterian view and the Particular Baptist view on the covenants.


Finally, I was sharpened by a lot of discussions among the Reformed Baptist community that forced me to articulate a more precise and consistent covenant theology on some specific points. In the process I have rejected the idea that the Mosaic Covenant offered eternal life as an absolute republication of the Covenant of Works. I came to the understanding that the Mosaic Covenant was strictly limited to life in Canaan and was only typologically tied to the heavenly realities brought by the New Covenant. I had previously endorsed Samuel Petto’s view that understands the Mosaic Covenant both as an earthly covenant of works for Israel in Canaan and an absolute covenant of works for Christ to obtain eternal life. I still believe the former (Israel), but I now believe that the latter (Christ) is only typologically true. In other words, Christ didn’t accomplish the Old Covenant but the New Covenant which was set forth as a covenant of works between him and the Father (the Covenant of Redemption), the terms of which were prefigured but not properly stipulated in the Old Covenant.

The main issue, in my opinion, was that I used to blend the type with the antitype or the shadow with the reality in the same covenant by attributing eternal life as a promise proper to the Mosaic Covenant. I believe that this mixed approach to covenant theology is the essence of paedobaptism with its internal/external distinction that blends earthly kingdom with heavenly kingdom, Old Covenant with New Covenant, etc. 1689 Federalism, on the other hand, relies on the fundamental distinctions between Old and New, type and antitype, shadow and reality and, therefore, distinguishes between the Mosaic typological republication and Christ’s established New Covenant: typologically related, but essentially distinct.

This revised edition of The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology now reflects this view and I believe that this was Coxe and Owen’s view. Many brothers were involved in important discussions that led me to this clarification. I especially want to thank brother Brandon Adams who was very instrumental in that regard and I want to commend him for all his laboring for the cause of the Gospel by his defense of 1689 Federalism. The readers will find lots of helpful resources by visiting his website:

More on this book…

A Critique of R. Scott Clark’s Heidelcast “I Will Be a God to You & to Your Children” (Defense of Infant Baptism) [Brandon Adams]

heidelcastBrandon Adams:

Recently, R. Scott Clark has released a series of podcasts in defense of paedobaptism. The majority of the material in the podcasts comes from a series of blog posts he wrote previously (he is often just reading them). Those posts, as well as other essays that Clark has written, have already been addressed in depth in A Critique of R. Scott Clark’s Covenant Theology. Since Clark did not address any of the arguments in that post, it is still relevant and I refer you there for a thorough treatment.

That said, Clark makes a few comments in the podcasts that are worth commenting on. (It’s also worth noting that Clark speaks of “baptists” very broadly, often referring to Arminian Dispensationalists. Only very occasionally does he have confessional baptists specifically in mind.)

Abraham and Moses

Clark’s main argument is simultaneously his main weakness. In response to baptists, Clark emphasizes that Abraham is not Moses. That is, the Abrahamic Covenant is not the Mosaic Covenant. I did not count, but I would not be surprised if he repeated that point at least 60 times over the series of podcasts. Clark is departing from Westminster on this point, resulting in an inconsistent covenant theology. This leads him to deny any kind of dichotomy in Abraham, resulting in some strange inconsistencies…

Read the rest: Heidelcast “I Will Be a God to You and to Your Children”

New Book: “Covenant Theology: A Reformed Baptist Perspective” by Phillip D. R. Griffiths


Covenant Theology
A Reformed Baptist Perspective

by Phillip D. R. Griffiths

Paperback: $26.00/£19.00 | Kindle: $9.99/£7.58 | ePub: $20.80


God has always dealt with his people through the covenant, yet covenant theology from a Baptist perspective is a teaching that is all too often neglected. Many Baptists don’t know why they are Baptist. If questioned they are most likely to respond by alluding to the mode of baptism rather than its underlying theology. This book is easily accessible, providing the reader with a clear understanding of the historical Baptist position. The work points out the errors inherent in the Reformed paedobaptist paradigm, and seeks to show that the only covenant of grace is the new covenant in Christ.


Dr. Richard Barcellos“This book is a welcomed addition to the increase of literature on covenant theology from a Baptist perspective. Griffiths argues that one is either in Adam or in Christ, there being no middle ground, and to be in Christ (prior to or after the fact of the cross) is to be a recipient of what our Lord both secured and delivers by virtue of the new covenant. The discussion is informed and worth the time to read and ponder.”

Richard C. Barcellos, Pastor, Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Palmdale, CA; Author, The Lord’s Supper as a Means of Grace: More than a Memory

Pascal Denault“In this book, Griffiths presents a persuasive argument for a Reformed Baptist understanding of covenant theology. Anyone recognizing the fundamental value of covenant theology will benefit from this edifying work. I warmly recommend it as a very important resource, especially to Reformed Baptist believers. Readers of other persuasions will find much to think through and hopefully will be convinced by the accuracy of the view put forth in these pages.”

Pascal Denault, Author, The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology

“What is a covenant? Why are there two testaments? How does the old relate to the new? Who are the children of Abraham? Who is Israel, and what is the Church? The biblical answers to such questions are vital in seeing the overarching storyline of Scripture, but perhaps more importantly, the answers to these questions reveal the very nature of those who have been redeemed by God. This is why I am so thankful for this book. Phillip Griffiths has done a phenomenal job of answering these questions in offering an explanation and defence of covenant theology from a Baptist perspective. The genius of this book is discovered in how easy Griffith’s argument is to follow without the complexity of the subject being compromised. I love this book, and I am eager to recommend it to everyone.”

Jeffrey Johnson, Author, The Fatal Flaw of the Theology Behind Infant Baptism


Paperback: 214 pages
Publisher: Wipf and Stock (June 10, 2016)


Phillip D. R. Griffiths lives in Bethlehem in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. He has been happily married for thirty years to Melody, and they have two children, Benjamin and Joseph. Phillip is the author of From Calvin to Barth: A Return to Protestant Orthodoxy?

Educations: MTh (philosophical & systematic theology), B Sc (Hons 1st), BA (Hons 1st), BA (Hons 2:1), Dip Theol.

Short VIDEO Interviews on Reformed Baptist Academic Press [Past & Future Books]

Some new, short video interviews have shown up today. They cover the past, present and future of Reformed Baptist Academic Press [RBAP]:

History of RBAP:

Dr. Barcellos gives us a history of RBAP and where it all began. [3 min. vid.]:

Recovering a Covenantal Heritage [3 min. vid.]:

The Making of JIRBS:

Dr. Barcellos and RobRoy explain the process of the making of the Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptists [5 min. vid.]

Future Projects:

Dr. Barcellos gives us a sneak peak of what is to come in the next few years. [4 min. vid.]

Here is a preview of the first book (Faith and Life for Baptist: The Documents of the London Particular Baptist General Assemblies, 1689-1694) mentioned in the above video:

Faith and Life Jacket

AUDIO from the 2016 “1689 Conference: The Reign of Grace” now online feat. Baines, Waldron, Hall, & Waters

Audio from the 2016 “1689 Conference”, which took place on March 18-19, is now online (videos coming soon):

1689conf 2016 audio

That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness
unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 5:21 (KJV)


1689 ConfIt seems as though in the year 2015 there has been many challenges facing us as Christians, both from outside our walls and from within.

The church needs to be encouraged with the reminder of the steadfastness and surety of God’s reign through grace,
which will not be thwarted by sin nor traitors in our ranks.

If it would please the Lord, we are hoping to achieve several things with this year’s theme: REIGN of GRACE.

Beginning on Friday we hope to provide an overview concerning a very important way in how to understand God’s redemptive plan which is interwoven all throughout the Scriptures – the Covenant of Grace. This Covenant is central to the 1689 Baptist Confession and is sure to provide God’s people with confidence and renewed hope that the Lord fulfills His promises!

Then on Saturday, following the reassurance and reminder of the promises and plans made to Christ’s people, we will offer teachings that have a more practical mood, in hopes they may exhort, encourage and equip those in attendance to continue to fight the good fight,
and not to grow weary in well doing.

So then, please join us that we may continue steadfastly unto the end in the most holy faith which we confess.
Come, gather and meet new friends who share with you in precious like faith.

2016 Audio Sessions:

Day One Audio

Rev. Ron Baines – Of God’s covenant of grace (this topic is also further expanded in Ron’s second talk – #5):

Dr. Sam Waldron – Of Jesus Christ the Mediator by which grace reigns.:

Rev. Mike Waters – Of reigning grace through repentance and salvation.:

Rev. JD Hall – Of reigning grace and our proclamation of the gospel.:

Rev. Ron Baines – Of reigning grace in and through the local church.:

Dr. Sam Waldron – The Consummation of the glorious reign of grace.:

Day Two Audio

Rev. JD Hall – Of reigning grace and our Perseverance during this life.:

Dr. Sam Waldron – Of reigning grace and new church planting.:

Rev. JD Hall – Of reigning grace and passing on our beliefs to the next generation.:

TALK #10
Rev. Ron Baines – Of the reign of grace and fleeing worldliness.:

TALK #11
Rev. Mike Waters – The reign of grace through martyrdom.:

TALK #12
Rev. Mike Waters – The reign of grace in self-denial.:

Sept. 24-25, 2015 “The Distinctives of Baptist Covenant Theology” Southern Baptist Founders Conf. SW. in Mansfield, TX. feat. Denault, J. Johnson + more


The conference brochure may be download here:

Download (PDF, 367KB)

Featured Speakers:

Pascal Denault
Pascal Denault is the author of The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology. He is the pastor at St. Jerome Evangelical Church in St. Jerome, Quebec, Canada.

Jeff Johnson

Jeffrey D. Johnson is the author of The Kingdom of God: A Baptist Expression of Covenant & Biblical TheologyThe Fatal Flaw of the Theology Behind Infant BaptismThe Church: Why Bother?, and Behind the Bible: A Primer in Textual Criticism. He is the pastor of preaching at Grace Bible Church in Conway, Arkansas where he resides with his  wife and two sons.


Thursday, Sept. 24th4

10:30 am Registration Opens

12:00 noon No Lunch

1:30 pm Devotional Psalm 32 | Jarrett Downs

3:00 pm What does it mean to be Baptist and Reformed | Fred Malone

4:30 pm Relationship of Covenant of Grace to the Old Covenant | Pascal Denault

5:45 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Hebrews 8 and the New Covenant | Jeff Johnson

Friday, Sept. 25th

7:30 am Prayer Meeting

8:00 am Breakfast

9:00 am Relationship of Covenant of Grace to the New Covenant | Pascal Denault

10:30 am Registration Opens Contemporary Challenges | Jeff Johnson

12:00 noon Lunch

3:00 pm Panel Discussion on Covenant Theology & Q&A | Jason Montgomery

4:30 pm Implications of CovenantTheology | Jeff Johnson

5:45 pm Dinner

7:00 pm Galatians 4:21-31 | Pascal Denault


1. SOLID GROUND CHRISTIAN BOOKS will again be represented at our conference this year. Michael Gaydosh will be bringing many wonderful Reformed books for your perusal. Be sure to come prepared to take home some of these great books that will be for sale!

2. REGISTRATION: A. Modes: To register for our upcoming conference, please mail the filled out registration form to: Heritage Baptist Church, 201 East Broad St., Mansfield, TX 76063 or register online. The option to pay by Paypal is also available.

B.Deadlines: Save $5.00 off general or student registration if you register on or before September 5. If you are requesting to stay in a home, please submit your registration by September 5- first come, first served basis.

C. Contact: If you have any questions about digital notebooks, registration, lodging orany other matter, please contact: Cindy Cason at; 817-453-5580.

D. Fees: Early Registration-1 person: $75.00 on or before 9/05 Registration after 9/05-1 person: $80.00

Student Registration (early)- $30.00 Student Registration after 9/05-$35.00

Early Registration Family Cap: $105.00 Registration after 9/05 Family Cap:$110.00

Each Additional Attender: $10.00 Children under age 5-free

The added attendees will not receive notebooks and the children will not receive nametags. Additional notebooks may be purchased at registration desk at the cost of printing.

3. OFFERING : If you are able to give a little extra, there will be an offering Friday evening during the service to help offset expenses and keep registration prices low.

Interview #91 – Dr. Guy Waters, Pascal Denault, & Brandon Adams – 1689 Federalism & the Mosaic Covenant [Audio Podcast] (2 of 2)

1689 Federalism


Dr. Guy Waters
Dr. Guy Waters

On episode 91 of our interview podcast we let Pascal Denault and Brandon Adams take over the interview mic. They finish up their interview (see part 1) with Dr. Guy Waters asking him about Pascal’s book The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology. Then Pascal Denault and Brandon Adams get more into “1689 Federalism”.


  • “1689 Federalism”
  • Rom. 10:4-8
  • Lev. 18:5
  • Deut. 30:1-14
  • + more


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Post Tenebras Lux Conf. feat. Victor Tavitian & Peter Smith [9-part AUDIO & VIDEO]

After Darkness... Light!

ReformedOnTheWeb reports:

These are some excellent sermons which contain much history concerning the Reformed Baptist and the Protestant Reformation.

After Darkness... Light!
After Darkness… Light!

The following is from a conference which took place at  Sola Church (in Sydney, Australia) on April 2-4, 2015:

AUDIO [series]:

1. The Five Solas | Victor Tavitian

2. Calvinism (TULIP) | Peter Rev Smith

3. The 1689 London Baptist Confession | Peter Rev Smith

4. The Regulative Principle | Victor Tavitian

5. Covenant Theology (1689 Federalism) | Peter Rev Smith

6. Biblical Separation | Victor Tavitian

7. Law and Gospel Evangelism | Victor Tavitian

8. The Religious Affections | Victor Tavitian

9. Amillennialism | Peter Rev Smith

VIDEO [series]:

Free PDF/MOBI/EPUB | $/£0.99 Kindle: “An Essay on the Kingdom of Christ” by Abraham Booth

An announcement from C.Jay Engel and Brandon Adams, over at

We are happy to announce that Abraham Booth’s 18th century “Essay on the Kingdom of Christ” is now available on as an ebook [ $0.99 | £0.99 ] or here in PDF format (FREE and now .modi and .ePub format ). We have edited and reformatted the book for ebook publication. This essay has been quite influential in the development of our own thoughts regarding the nature of the kingdom of heaven, as distinct and set apart from the earthy and temporal kingdoms of this world. We hope you get as much from it as we did.

Essay on the Kingdom of Christ Booth

An Essay on the Kingdom of Christ [Kindle Edition]
by Abraham Booth

$0.99 | £0.99 ]


boothAbraham Booth (1734-1806) was a confessional particular baptist pastor in England. He wrote “An Essay on the Kingdom of Christ” in 1783 as a commentary on the Church of England. His essay builds upon an inherited foundation of baptist covenant theology known today as 1689 Federalism.

In Booth’s essay, the glory of the kingdom of Christ shines brightly as he distinguishes it from every kingdom on earth, including the “Israelitish Theocracy.” His was a day in which ideas mattered, and his ideas, shared by others, as representative of a long covenantal tradition, had significant consequences in America, and eventually throughout the world. Today is still a day in which ideas matter, because ideas always matter. Our hope is that Booth’s essay will aid you in thinking upon Christ and his kingdom as you sojourn on this earth.


Print Length: 78 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Reformed Libertarian (April 8, 2015)
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Lending: Enabled

You may read the Foreword here, or in the PDF below along with the entire essay:

Download (PDF, 639KB)

Interview #83 – Douglas Van Dorn – Covenant Theology: A Reformed Baptist Primer [Audio Podcast]

Covenant Theology A Reformed Baptist Primer by Douglas Van Dorn


Douglas Van Dorn
Douglas Van Dorn

On episode 83 of our interview podcast we have Brandon Adams guest hosting for us as he interviews Douglas Van Dorn about his latest book Covenant Theology: A Reformed Baptist Primer.


  • Testimony
  • What are the two types of covenants found in the Bible?
  • Is Covenant of Redemption in the Bible?
  • How do you respond to objections to the Covenant of Works
  • Overview of “Gracious/Legal Covenants”
  • What on Earth is the Levitical (Priestly) Covenant?
  • How is the New Covenant “new” but not “brand new”?
  • + more


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The Gospel by Citizens & Saints

AUDIO from “Baptists: Rooted in Covenant Grace” Conf. feat. James Renihan now online [5 MP3s]

Below is Dr. James Renihan’s audio from Grace Baptist Chapel‘s annual Theology Conference “Baptists: Rooted in Covenant Grace”.

Baptists Rooted in Covenant Grace


Session 1 “Genealogy Baptist Style” [MP3]

Session 2 “How Christians Have Put the Bible Together”[MP3]

Session 3 “How Christians Have Put the Bible Together (Part 2)”[MP3]

Session 4 “How Early Baptists Put the Bible Together”[MP3]

Lord’s Day Worship Service – “Haggai 2:10-19 The Nature of True Religion”[MP3]