“Spurgeon’s Prayers Personalized” by C. H. Spurgeon [Free eBook Friday]

Spurgeon Prayer Book

Spurgeon’s Prayers Personalized

by C. H. Spurgeon

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C. H. Spurgeon
C. H. Spurgeon

Content for this eBook excerpted from the following books :C.H. Spurgeon’s Prayers, The Pastor in Prayer and Behold the Throne of Grace. Many of these prayers of Spurgeon have been “personalized” by taking the Elizabethan language out and replacing it with contemporary language such as: “Thee” and “thou” replaced with “you”, and “taketh” replaced with take or taken.

References like “London” have been replace with “city”. Sometimes sentences have been omitted because they don’t have any meaning for today, this is indicated by showing a series of periods (…) .

264 pages

Table of Contents and more details.

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