Southern Baptists, The Sandy Creek Association and The John 3:16 Conference

sandy_creek-300x187Southern Baptists, The Sandy Creek Association and The John 3:16 Conference.

As recently as The John 3:16 Conference, it has been asserted that the Sandy Creek Association was less Calvinistic and that there were two strains of Baptists that fed into the founding of the Southern Baptist Convention one more Arminian, and the other confessionally Calvinistic;

“Caner noted that Baptist churches from the historical lineage of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association practiced revivalistic evangelism methods 40 years prior to the birth of Charles Finney, who is often credited with originating them during the Second Great Awakening.

This strand of Baptist life, Caner said, ran concurrent with the stronger Calvinistic one from the Philadelphia Baptist Association and both have existed within Southern Baptist life since the founding of the convention.

Caner asserted that much of the theological disunity could be resolved if there was more evangelistic methodological unity, particularly using an altar call.” (Source)

In 2006, the Founders Journal dedicated an entire edition to The Sandy Creek controversy, known as “Sandy Creek Revisited”:

Sandy Creek Revisited

The Raw Calvinism of the North Carolina Separates of the Sandy Creek Tradition

Shubal Stearns and the Separate Baptist Tradition







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