‘Soul Care in the Ministry’ [Video] ep. 1 of CBTS’s new webcast ‘Pastoral Perspectives’ feat. Waldron, John Miller, Mike Waters + more

Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary prevHere is the video from the event CBTS’s new webcasts we told you about last month:

Pastoral Perspectives will be an online video discussion focusing on practical ministry issues and insights for the edification and encouragement of church leaders and fellow believers.


For our inaugural episode, the topic of discussion will be “Soul Care in the Ministry.” How should we take care of our own souls while leading and shepherding God’s people? What dangers should we beware of? How can one who is looking at going into the ministry prepare for the challenges he will face in his own soul care? 

Questions like these will be tackled by the following panelists:

Pastoral Perspectives Webcast


pastoral perspectives

1 hour 20 minute video:

[source: Practical Shepherding]

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