Site Changes: New Blog Roundup, RSS Feed, Twitter Account + More [Bapti-bots]



Update: Listen to us talk about the changes on this episode of the Dunker Bunker Headlines

We are going to use our main RSS feed for more of a news focus [new books, events, resources, deals, etc.].

So, instead of peppering that feed with blogs throughout the day then doing a roundup of blogs in the middle and end of each week, our ever-diligent Bapti-bots will be providing a “real-time” feed of all relevant blog posts (not just blogs, but blog posts) that fit within our site scope (basically, blog posts like we have highlighted in the past and featured on our roundups).

So, our current feed won’t have as many postings as it had, BUT this new feed will have more than what we posted in the past.

Keep up with this new blog roundup feed:

Here are a couple of different options:

1. It is on the sidebar of our webpage (with small preview). So you can see it if you are the type that just goes to the homepage:


2: There is a new tab & page [ ] dedicated to it:




3: Twitter [@BaptiBot1689]

4: RSS

5: Daily Email

Check it out and let us know what you think!



3 Replies to “Site Changes: New Blog Roundup, RSS Feed, Twitter Account + More [Bapti-bots]”

  1. I don’t recall giving you folks permission to change the site on me! :-)

    Good work, Jason. I appreciate the work you are doing to make this site/podcast what it is. It’s amazing to see how quickly CB sprouted from the “empty corners of Reformed Baptist oblivion”!

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