Sam Waldron Contra Barry Horner On “Racist” Hermeneutics & “Anti-Judaism”

bk286_l_7The guys at Reformed For His Glory blog post a lengthy quote by Sam Waldron from The Reformed Baptist Theological Review 2009 (107-112):

From Sam Waldron’s review of Barry Horner’s book Future Israel: Why Christians Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged:


1. Racist Hermeneutics?


The first thing that comes to mind when one reads these chapters is the surprise that hermeneutics could be Anti-Judiac. One naturally assumes that hermeneutics are, well, hermeneutics. People my disagree about hermeneutics, but not because they are racists. Nevertheless, Horner sees a race issue. Hermeneutics that leads to a denial of Israel’s distinctive territorial future are for him racially motivated. This is clear from what, I think, deserves to be called a kind of reverse racism that emerges in his language. He speaks of “Gentile logic” (181), “Gentile blindness and bias…proud Gentile ascendancy” (187), and “a shameful anti-Judaic attitude” (200).


This language seems “racist” in its own way. It conveys prejudice against Gentiles. It is like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s rantings against “White America.” Should we conclude from such epithets that Gentiles are guilty (because they are Gentiles) of twisted logic and blind bias?

Read the rest or listen to readout [11 min.]

Here is the entire review [thanks to Brandon Adams for pointing that out.]

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