‘Rejoinder: James White & 2 Peter 3:10’ by Jeff Riddle [AUDIO]

Jeff Riddle
Jeff Riddle

Jeff Riddle:

This is now the third in a series interacting with apologist James White on the text of Scripture (see WM # 25 and WM # 26).  In particular, I respond to segments of two James White videos which address conjectural emendations in the modern critical text at Acts 16:12 and 2 Peter 3:10.  Since 2 Peter 3:10 is a much more complicated textual problem I focused on this verse.


Here are some aids for following the WM # 27 […]

Here is the audio [86 min. MP3]:

6 Replies to “‘Rejoinder: James White & 2 Peter 3:10’ by Jeff Riddle [AUDIO]”

      1. I can appreciate the ‘preserving and propagating of the truth’, but can you help me understand why the differences in the TR/majority manuscripts is all that big of a deal? Aren’t both sources ultimately very similar? Then again, I’ve never researched into it too deeply because I usually only hear of this in context of tiring KJVO activists…

        1. That is understandable… I think Jeff Riddle explains it best in the audios linked to. They would argue it has to do with how God preserves Scripture… since Jesus says not one jot or tittle will pass away (Matt. 5:18)… so verses, words, letters matter. But yes, “ultimately very similar”, but not exact so which one is right… that is the crux, as far as I understand it. :)

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