Regulative Principle of the Church – 18 Part Blog Series & Video by Sam Waldron

regulative principle of worship

Here is the series on The Regulative Principle of the Church that we talked about briefly on our last podcast with Sam Waldron:

On December 26, 2011, Theology Matters (The Midwest Center for Theological Studies video podcast) posted a five minute video of Sam Waldron explaining the Regulative Principle:

tm_122611 from MCTS.

Sam Waldron, at Illumination (The Midwest Center for Theological Studies blog), gives a fuller explanation in the following 18 blog post series entitled, “The Regulative Principle of the Church”:

  1. General Introduction
  2. Its Historical Meaning (Part 1)
  3. Its Historical Meaning (Part 2)
  4. Its Ecclesiastical Framework (Part 1)
  5. Its Ecclesiastical Framework (Part 2)
  6. Its Ecclesiastical Framework (Part 3)
  7. Its Biblical Support—First Argument
  8. Its Biblical Support—Second Argument
  9. Its Biblical Support—Third Argument
  10. Its Biblical Support—Fourth Argument
  11. Its Necessary Clarification—Parts and Circumstances
  12. Its Specific Application (Part 1)
  13. Its Specific Application (Part 2)
  14. Its Specific Application (Part 3)
  15. Its Specific Application (Part 4)
  16. Its Contemporary Objections (Part 1)
  17. Its Contemporary Objections (Part 2)
  18. Its Contemporary Objections (Part 3)