“Regarding America’s moral collapse, I blame us… A very serious reformation is needed” [Tom Chantry | 5-part Series]

Pastor Tom Chantry finished up his five part series on who is to blame for America’s moral collapse and what we do from here. Here are some snippets from part one:

Most American Christians are currently experiencing cultural whiplash.

…in one month’s time, we discover that actually, the constitutional republic our civics classes taught us about simply no longer exists. Instead, a panel of elite lawyers make up the constitution as they go, while an even smaller number of elite bureaucrats set policies according to their whims. Consider:

  • An American system which has long tolerated and for a while celebrated sexual perversion has now institutionalized the same. Unnatural relations are now sanctified by the name “marriage.”…
  • The United States has abandoned overnight the decades old policy of non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction…
  • Conclusive evidence has been unearthed that our nation, which easily leads the world in the practice of slaughtering our own babies, has for decades subsidized an organization which has not only killed 900 healthy babies a day for years, but which has profited by that holocaust by selling off baby parts to the highest bidder…

Perhaps what most unifies these three stories is the entire absence of any moral sense in the nation…

As I reflect on that biblically, I have come to this conclusion: the real culprit is the church. American Christianity is responsible for this mess. I don’t even mean those who have abandoned the central tenets of the faith to accommodate culture; I mean that the believing, orthodox Christians of America are more to blame than any other group. This disaster is ours, and for a very simple reason: we, who were supposed to live as salt and light in the world, have abandoned the concept of morality…

chapter 19 law

From his series conclusion:

Pastor Tom Chantry
Pastor Tom Chantry

All week I have argued that the American Evangelical church is to blame for the collapse of our culture [part 1]. We have failed utterly to maintain the doctrine of the law [part 2] which was universally taught in Protestant confessions, becoming instead a lawless people [part 3]. This has handicapped our witness [part 4] to the world, robbing us of the moral authority to speak and of any message which could convict.

A very serious reformation is needed. Efforts to defund (and dismantle) Planned Parenthood are certainly a righteous cause. It is right for Christians to fight abortion, and to struggle to define marriage properly. However, a more fundamental reformation is necessary, and what is more, it is within the grasp of the church. I speak of a reformation of Evangelicalism – one in which we repent of the last half-century of abandonment of morality. The needed reformation will be spiritual, theological, ecclesiastical, and homiletical…

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One Reply to ““Regarding America’s moral collapse, I blame us… A very serious reformation is needed” [Tom Chantry | 5-part Series]”

  1. It must be in the home, teaching our children authentic Christianity; how and why to think according to the Scriptures, why attend the church that we do, discussion of the failures of modern evangelicalism and what a biblical church/ follower of Christ looks and acts like. Yes, a faithful church that preaches the Word, attends to the correct distribution of the the Lord’s table and baptism, and administers church discipline; but I wonder how many speak of God with their family morning, noon and night? How many fathers and mothers discuss Jesus and the Bible and biblical thinking with their kids throughout the day. Is their encouragement to read godly authors, have alone time reading the Scriptures? How many fathers and mothers stop and spontaneously pray with their children, share their burdens, or their struggles of faith?

    I hope and pray that those that attend biblical churches make discussion and discourse a part of their daily lives. That, In my opinion, has been the great failing of the last generation. Lack of discussion and discourse of religion in the home. I saw this failing with my grandparents that attended church with my parents, faithful each Sunday as if it were their duty to dress up and go to church. Churches were filled to the brim! They even sang hymns!! But, alas, there was never religious discussion afterwards as somehow there was the unspoken (actually often spoken now that I think about it) rule that it is not polite to speak of religion (or politics) in day to day life. Religion only was the stuff of Sunday duty, weddings and funerals. Nothing more. I think it is safe to say that this was the case nationally and thus, in one short generation, complete abandonment of Christianity.

    May this not be the case with all of us. I want my kids to say of their dad and mom, “They were always discussing Jesus and what it means to follow Him! “

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