Recommended Reading For Baptists From Founders, IRBS, & RBTR

recommended-readingThe following list has been compiled from

The Baptist Confession of Faith 1689

Shorter Catechism: A Baptist Version

Richard Barcellos, “In Defense of the Decalogue: A Critique of New Covenant Theology

Richard Barcellos, “Paedoism or Credoism”

Benjamin Beddome, “A Scriptural Exposition of the Baptist Catechism

Richard Belcher and Anthony Mattia, “A Discussion of the Seventeenth Century Particular Baptist Confession of Faith

James P. Boyce, “Abstract of Systematic Theology

Raymond Brown, “The English Baptists of the 18th Century

Mark Chanski, “Manly Dominion

Walter Chantry, “Baptism and Covenant Theology

Walter Chantry, “Imputation of Righteousness and Covenant Theology”

Walter Chantry, “Signs of the Apostles: Observations on Pentacostalism Old and New

Walter Chantry, “Today’s Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?

Stephen Copson, ed., “Association Life of the Particular Baptists of Northern England 1699-1732

Nehemiah Coxe and John Owen, “Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ

John L. Dagg, “A Manual of Theology

John L. Dagg, “A Manual of Church Order

Kenneth Dix, “Strict and Particular: English Strict and Particular Baptists in the Nineteenth Century

Roger Hayden, ed.,  “The Records of a Church of Christ in Bristol, 1640-1687

Michael A.G. Haykin, “Kiffin, Knollys, and Keach: Rediscovering Our English Baptist Heritage

Michael A.G. Haykin, “One Heart and One Soul: John Sutcliff of Olney, His Friends and His Times

R.B.C. Howell, “The Covenants

Paul K. Jewett, “Infant Baptism and the Covenant of Grace

Benjamin Keach, “Exposition of the Parables

Benjamin Keach, “Preaching from the Types and Metaphors of the Bible

Ernest F. Kevan, “The Grace of Law: A Study of Puritan Theology

William Kiffin, “A Sober Discourse of Right to Church Communion

William L. Lumpkin, “Baptist Confessions of Faith

Fred A. Malone, “The Baptism of Disciples Alone: A Covenantal Argument for Credobaptism versus Paedobaptism

Basil Manly, “Southern Baptist Sermons on Sovereignty and Responsibility

Robert P. Martin, “Accuracy of Translation and the New International Version

Robert P. Martin, “The Death Penalty: God’s Will or Man’s Folly?

James E. McGoldrick, “Baptist Successionism: A Crucial Question in Baptist History

Ian H. Murray, “The Forgotten Spurgeon

Geoffrey, F. Nuttall, “Visible Saints: The Congregational Way 1640-1660

Robert W. Oliver,  “History of the English Calvinistic Baptists, 1771-1892

Arthur W. Pink, “The Sovereignty of God

Ernest C. Reisinger, “Today’s Evangelism: Its Message and Methods

Ernest C. Reisinger and Thomas K. Ascol (eds.), “A Baptist Look at Calvinism

James M. Renihan, “True Confessions: Baptist Documents in the Reformed Family

Jim Savastio, “What Is A Reformed Baptist Church?”

W. Jack Seaton, “The Five Points of Calvinism

H.F. Stander and J.P. Louw, “Baptism in the Early Church

H. G. Tibbutt, ed., “Some Early Nonconformist Church Books

Murray Tolmie, “The Triumph of the Saints: The Separate Churches of London 1616-1649

Samuel E. Waldron, “Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith

Samuel E. Waldron, “Baptist Roots in America

Samuel E. Waldron, “A Reformed Baptist Manifesto

Samuel E. Waldron, “Biblical Baptism: A Reformed Defense of Believers Baptism

Samuel E. Waldron, “The End Times Made Simple: How Could Everybody Be So Wrong About Biblical Prophecy

Michael R. Watts, “The Dissenters From the Reformation to the French Revolution

Greg A. Welty, “A Critical Evaluation of Infant Baptist”

B.R. White, ed., “Association Records of the Particular Baptists of England, Wales and Ireland to 1660 (3 Vols.)”

B.R. White, ed., “The English Baptists of the 17th Century

James R. White, “The Potter’s Freedom: A Defense of the Reformation and a Rebuttal of Norman Geisler’s Chosen But Free

James R. White, “Scripture Alone: Exploring the Bible’s Accuracy, Authority and Authenticity

James R. White, “The Roman Catholic Controversy

Thomas Wilcox, “Honey out of the Rock

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