Interview #44 – Steve Weaver – An Orthodox Catechism

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On episode 44 of our podcast, we interview Steve Weaver about “An Orthodox Catechism” by Hercules Collins. We get into questions such as:

  • How is it different than the Heidelberg Catechism?
  • What is the history behind it?
  • Is this beneficial for today?
  • What is different with this version and the original?
  • Why did he include old creeds in it?
  • + more

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Orthodox Catechism Hercules Collins

An Orthodox Catechism
by Hercules Collins (Author) , Michael A. G. Haykin (Editor) , G. Stephen Weaver Jr. (Editor)

[RBAP $9 | Amazon $10.94 | Amazon UK £8.00]



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15 Replies to “Interview #44 – Steve Weaver – An Orthodox Catechism”

  1. I want to apologise to all our listeners for Javy and Jason.
    Due to their accents they pronounce “An” as “Un”. You’ll hear Javy’s pronunciation throughout this interview and you may have already heard Jason’s pronunciation on March 1st’s Dunker Bunker podcast

    I want to assure everyone that Hercules Collins’ Catechism is *not* Unorthodox but is in fact Orthodox.
    I’m sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
    : )

      1. It’s just an article. You can easily replace it with “the” as in, “Have you read the Orthodox Catechism by Hercules Collins?” or drop it all-together as in “Have you read Hercules Collins’ Orthodox Catechism?”

        1. I think there is good reason to keep “an” and NOT use “the”… “the” would imply it is THEEEE catechism that is orthodox, as if others weren’t, “an” just shows it is one of the many catechism that are orthodox and shows the Baptists desire to be seen as orthodox along with their Reformed bretheren). That was one question asked that Steve Weaver didn’t answer, which I was surprised cause one of the introductory parts of the book brought that up… all that to say I apologize for my accent that you can’t understand ;P

  2. Great show! By the way, this show proves that Enrique Duran needs to get back on the global interconnected network interweb!!!!! Imagine what other books would come out of his reappearance!

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