Interview #32 – Sam Waldron – Gifts Debate Follow-up [1 of 2]

PodcastPromo Waldron Debate Follow up 32

On episode 32 of our podcast, we have some post-debate discussion with Sam Waldron. The debate last week [audio/video] was between Dr. Sam Waldron and Dr. Michael Brown on the thesis “Have the New Testament Charismatic Gifts Ceased?” (Moderated by Dr. James White).

We address questions such as:

  • Why couldn’t you just give Dr. Brown one explicit text for Cessationism?
  • Why is the Canon of Scripture so important in this debate?
  • How can you justify that some Scriptures are just for the Apostles?
  • What’s the big deal with the Apostles being a “witness”?

This is part one of a two part follow-up.

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