Interview #23: Jordan Cooper [Lutheran] & Jeff Johnson [1689’r] – Means of Grace & Assurance of Faith [Tabletalk]

PodcastPromo023 On episode 23 of our podcast, we change things up a bit… we have a “Table-talk” on the means of grace & assurance of faith with Jordan Cooper (Lutheran) & Jeff Johnson (Reformed Baptist).  After that, we talk about some Reformed Baptist headlines.

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12 Replies to “Interview #23: Jordan Cooper [Lutheran] & Jeff Johnson [1689’r] – Means of Grace & Assurance of Faith [Tabletalk]”

  1. Just finished listening to the podcast, and I’m grateful for the interaction. I liked Jeff’s “eye” analogy – faith cannot look at itself, but only outward. It seems to me that if you boil down both views on assurance, you’re ultimately left with “Look to Christ’s work,” which is refreshing among so many popular preachers who seem to overemphasize looking to one’s own works as evidence of faith for assurance.

    Jordan brought up how many non-Lutherans see a Lutheran view of baptismal regeneration as making baptism a “work.” I have encountered this before among some Presbyterians I know, and I’ve had to jump to the defense of my Lutheran brothers on this point.

    I would have to disagree with Jeff on his interpretation of James 2, as I don’t think the passage has anything to do with “saving faith” as the term is usually used, but maybe that’s a discussion for another day.

    To add my own thoughts to the assurance conversation: If one’s presentation of the gospel causes the hearers to ask, “Am I elect?” then you’re presenting it wrongly. “Am I elect?” is the wrong question to ask. Christ died for sinners. Look to the promises made to believers. Knowledge of one’s election logically stems from looking to Christ as the only means of salvation. Also, I’d like to make the point that we don’t assure ourselves by looking to anything, whether it be Christ, baptism, our works, etc. When we look to Christ, the *Holy Spirit* assures us of our salvation.

    Thanks to Javy, Jeff, and Jordan for making this happen.

  2. This was a really great discussion. It is the type of ecumenical dialogue I can appreciate. As a former Reformed Baptist, and current Lutheran, I am glad to see those in our respective communions trying to understand each other.

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