Interview #15: Jeff Johnson – The Church, Why Bother?, Book Giveaway + More


On episode 15 of our podcast, we interview Jeff Johnson on his book The Church: Why Bother? The Nature, Purpose and Functions of the Local Church.

After that, Pascal Denault answers a question about Covenant Theology and Petto. Then we talk about some Reformed Baptist headlines and introduce a new “Confessor” to you.


Book Giveaway:


Paperback ]

This week you have a chance to win one of three paperbacks of Jeff Johnson’s book The Church: Why Bother? The Nature, Purpose and Functions of the Local Church.

Books & Sites Mentioned:

Headlines Mentioned:

Sponsor: – A wiki dedicated to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, commonly called the 1689, and theology in accordance with the doctrines contained therein.

Post-Interview Music:

The Church’s One Foundation (can be downloaded free on Cardiphonia’s Hymns of Faith album here or another version is found on Indelible Grace)

Listen to part 2!

21 Replies to “Interview #15: Jeff Johnson – The Church, Why Bother?, Book Giveaway + More”

  1. I am thankful for a church that adheres to the Regulative Principle of worship. Centrality of the Word, all things simple, yet intentional and scriptural. It’s very refreshing in our day of catering to the flesh, because the assembling of the brethren for worship is where I would most expect to feed and strengthen the spirit and put the flesh to death.

  2. I got Johnson’s Book Fatal Flaw, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Look forward to listening to this podcast. You guys are great keep it up, I’ve loved all the shows so far.

  3. Hi guys. Still loving your site but still cant download podcasts on my smartphone since you changed the player. It used to give a “download” link. I have tried everytthing. Please help!

      1. Thank you brother! It works! I had downloaded more than 6 browsers and tried so many ways. Reformed Baptusts are a rarity here in Miami so we need all the help we can get. You have no idea. Miami-Dade county has more than 2.5 million people and only one 1689 cshurch (2 spanish speaking) and it has chose to follow the YRR /seeker movement. More than 19 families( 1/3 of the members!) have had to leave (we are in limbo and scattered). Your website has helped many of us find good, solid resources. Please keep it up!

      1. I hate to be a complainer or a nitpicker or a general troublemaker. However, as a faithful listener, I do have a bit of a pronunciation gripe that seriously has bothered me in previous shows.

        “Christology” is repeatedly pronounced as though “Christ” and “ology” and “Christ” and “ological” are put together. However, if I am not mistaken, I believe that is incorrect. The “Christ” in “christology” and “christological” should be pronounced like the “Christ” in “Christmas” or “Christian”.

        So, in other words the first sound unit is “chris” not “christ”, sort of like chris-tology rather than christ-ology.
        Anyways, just some listener feedback. I love your show and enjoy listening to it.

        1. Haha, no way – thanks for the feedback, actually when I talk to people who say they like the podcast; I ask them if there is anything they *don’t* like about it that we can work on. So, I think you’re okay..and if you wanna be more nitpicky you can email us here: ;)

  4. The fact we love the historic faith but aren’t afraid to express that classic faith in contemporary form.

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