Interview #10 – Tom Ascol – Founders Ministries + Brandon Adams on


On episode 10 of our podcast, we interview Tom Ascol about Founders Ministries.

After that, Brandon Adams joins us to talk about his new site 1689 Federalism and then we talk about some Reformed Baptist headlines and give you a hint of our special guest on next week’s episode.

Books & Sites Mentioned:

Headlines Mentioned:

Sponsor: – A wiki dedicated to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith, commonly called the 1689, and theology in accordance with the doctrines contained therein.

Post-Interview Music:

The Fightin’ Texas Aggie War [Lyrics & MP3 download]

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  1. Thanks again for mentioning the site. I wanted to add a couple links: and The latter site has some of my writings on Christianity and the arts with specific reference to film. I’m working on putting together a podcast/vidcast series on the topic, but not sure how soon that will be

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