Sneak Peek of Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical & Balanced Perspective by Rob Ventura & Brian Borgman

spiritual warfareIt is not often your find the works of Reformed Baptist in the news, but the Christian Report featured two of our Reformed Baptist brethren in a post titled, “Pastors Take Biblical Approach to Subject of Spiritual Warfare, in Upcoming Book”:

Two pastors, who are scholarly theologians as well, want to make sure that Christians have a biblical and balanced perspective when it comes to the reality of spiritual warfare and the devil. Their passion has led them to co-author a yet to be released book on the subject that has as its central theme Ephesians 6-10.


Pastors Brian Borgman from Grace Community Church in Minden, Nev., and Rob Ventura, one of the pastors at Grace Community Baptist Church of North Providence, R.I., say that while some churches rarely talk about the subject of battling evil, other churches go over the top. Although their book, Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective, is scheduled for release early next year, the co-authors provided The Christian Post a sneak peek.

Read the “sneak peek” here or listen to a six minute readout.



Here is what others are saying about the book:


“Standing in a long line of Puritan-style reflection on the nature of spiritual warfare, Borgman and Ventura have produced a brief but remarkably rich book which offers very helpful insights on this subject.  The thoughtful reader will find here sobering meditations on the power of evil and sin but also be pointed to the great encouragement to be found in the word of God and supremely in the Lord Jesus Christ.   This volume is both a helpful pastoral tool and a fine devotional book.”

Carl R. Trueman Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary, Pa.

“Spiritual Warfare is thoughtful, biblical, theological, accessible, and impactful. The book is exegetical and expository, without feeling like a commentary or running homily. In it authors Borgman and Ventura make much of Christ and what he has done without negating the reality of our adversary and the real danger he presents, or our own call to faith, righteousness, prayer, and perseverance that flow directly from our Savior’s finished work. What a timely, refreshing, encouraging, convicting, and empowering book! I can’t wait to get it in front of our people.”

Voddie Baucham

“Many voices in our day present a version of spiritual warfare where Satan seems to hold the position of prominence, even preeminence.  Christians are left to wonder what magic spell or formulaic expressions can be invoked to see their demons excised.  Yet, since Christ has triumphed over all the forces of darkness, his people should grow in hope and faith as they look to Christ.  Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura present one of the finest and most biblically responsible and insightful studies of spiritual warfare now available.  While they account fully for the reality of Satan’s deception, cunning, and power, they give greater stress (as they ought!) to the superior and indefatigable victory and sovereign reign of Christ.  Christians need the message of this book.  Satan, indeed, is a real and present danger, but Christ is our real, risen, and reigning hope!  Spiritual Warfare guides readers into a clear and grace-empowered understanding of these truths.”

Bruce A. Ware
Professor of Christian Theology
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“William Gurnall once said that the battle between Satan and the saints makes the most brutal war on earth look like child’s play. Yet so many Christians act like civilians on vacation instead of soldiers on the front lines. Borgman and Ventura, like experienced master sergeants, give us the Bible’s basic training on spiritual warfare. Drawing from the classic text in Ephesians 6, their teaching will both clear away false ideas about the spiritual battle, and equip Christians to stand firm to the end.”

Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Too many popular evangelical notions about spiritual warfare have been shaped by superstition, bad teaching, and pulp novels about battles with territorial demons. Multitudes of Christians are mystified, terrified, unsure of their role—ignorant of God’s strategy in the warfare against the powers of darkness. Brian Borgman and RobVentura turn to the Word of God and skillfully unravel the mystery. I appreciate how they deal with this vital subject in a meticulously biblical, thoroughly enlightening, and wonderfully edifying way.

Phil Johnson

“The increased hostility of our anti-Christian culture is forcing many Christians on to the back foot and even into the bunkers. This stirring book is a much-needed clarion call to battle, but one that emphasizes the spiritual nature of the battle and of the weapons we must use.”

Dr. David Murray

“Authors Borgman and Ventura aimed for biblical accuracy and balance in addressing spiritual warfare. They hit the bull’s-eye! ‘How we think about this battle is critical to how we fight it.’  Here is a brief treatment that is also clear and accurate: Satan may prowl around as a “roaring lion” seeking someone to devour, but Christ is the reigning Lion who has already won the battle and sits on the throne!”

Pastor Bruce Ray, author of Withhold not Correction, Celebrating the Sabbath, and Help! My Friend is Suicidal.

“Often people talk about spiritual warfare but don\’t understand what the Bible actually teaches on the matter. Borgman and Ventura unpack from the scriptures the true nature of spiritual warfare. As result readers will not only understand spiritual warfare but will also be equipped to fight the good fight of faith. Borgman and Venturaare to be thanked for an eminently clear, wonderfully biblical, theologically rich, and practically applicable study.”

Thomas R. Schreiner
James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The book will be available through Reformation Heritage Books.