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  1. I have a question/comment about Pascal’s presentation here (which came up when he talked about David Murray’s book) and also the show he did on a previous CB show.

    I wonder if Pascal’s comment that “the Old Covenant is a Covenant of Grace” view is a “paedobaptist” view is a fair characterization.

    Is there really anything inherently paedobaptist about it?

    I feel like Pascal seems to assume that since there is a connection between “OC as CoG” and paedobaptism, it must therefore follow that it is a “paedobaptist” view. In the show, in fact, Pascal seems to assume that the fact that since Presbyterians have used “OC as CoG” in their argument for paedobaptism, therefore Baptists should reject “OC as CoG” .

    This trajectory or line of reasoning seems questionable, though. Pascal may be totally right about his conclusion that the OC is not a CoG. However, the fact that it has some connection with paedobaptism, or was first elucidated by paedobaptists seems to be a bad argument for that. Couldn’t the same approach be used to argue that election, Calvinism, or CT in general should be rejected? All these have historically been steeped in paedobaptism (I’m sure some Arminian Baptists in the SBC have made such an argument…. since Calvinism is originally paedobaptist and has been heavily tied in with paedobaptism, it should be, in their view, rejected).

    Even if 90% of the people who believe in “OC as CoG” are paedobaptists, and it was first elucidated by paedobaptists, and is used as a part of the justification for paedobaptism, If there is no inherent, fundamental way in which “OC as CoG” relies upon paeodbaptist views, then I wonder if Pascal should consider not saying it is a “paedobaptist” view.

    Anyways, just thought I’d throw that out there.

  2. I have read enough on this topic to be convinced – from Scripture – that the Old Covenant, with each of its subordinate covenants within it (Adamic, Mosaic, one or part of the Abrahamic, the Davidic) is nothing but a covenant of works. One must ignore Scripture to consider it or them part of the covenant of grace or the New Covenant.

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