Other Podcast Interviews with Voddie Baucham, Jeremy Walker, Tom Nettles & Paul Reynolds

Author Talks With Shaun Tabatt has done some interviews covering the same books we have, plus more. Our shows average and hour but Shaun’s average about 22 minutes. Check out the three below:

Episode 66 – Jeremy Walker – The New Calvinism Considered [MP3]:

Episode 65 – Voddie Baucham – Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors [MP3]:

Episode 54 – Paul Reynolds – 66 Books One Story [MP3]:

Also, one by Janet Mefferd:

Tom Nettles Live on The Janet Mefferd Show – 9/19/2013 @ 4:00 PM ET [MP3]:

And one by Kevin Boling:

Hear Tom Nettles Live on Knowing the Truth with Kevin Boling – 10/15/2013 – 11:00 AM ET [MP3]:


Our shows on the same topics + more:

PodcastPromo35 Jeremy Walker New Calvinism

PodcastPromo30 Voddie Baucham Joseph






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