On Choosing & Using Bible Software [4-Part VIDEO | RBS]

Dr. Mark Ward Jr.
Dr. Mark Ward Jr.

Dr. Gonzales:

In the four-part video series below, Dr. Mark Ward Jr. introduces and evaluates the three major Bible software platforms: Bibleworks, Logos, and Accordance. In the first lecture, he identifies and discusses some guidelines and principles for choosing and using Bible software. Then, in lectures two through four, Dr. Ward looks at each software platform separately, highlighting some of its helpful features and noting its strengths and weaknesses. These lectures serve as a part of the curriculum for Reformed Baptist Seminary’s course on biblical hermeneutics, which can be audited for $10.

Bible Software, part 1: Choosing & Using

Bible Software, part 2: Bibleworks

Bible Software, part 3: Logos

Bible Software, part 4: Accordance

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