New Weekly Podcast: CredoCovenant Fellowship [a round-table full of 1689’rs]

We love podcasts, have our own, told you about other ones… but here is a new one that may interest y’all:


CredoCovenant Fellowship [Podcast]

“Were we seek to enter the cultural conversation from a Reformed Baptist [1689] perspective.”

This new, weekly, podcast (just two episodes in) is run by Billy Leonhart & J.D. Warren (two fellas we’ve told you about before that have helped us with several of our own podcast episodes.)

billy jd
our interview with them (J.D. on left & Billy on right)

They plan to go through a wide variety of books and interact with them from a 1689 perspective.

They invited me, Jason Delgado, on their pilot episode “What Is Baptist Milk?” to interview them about their podcast plans [mp3]:

You’ll also find myself and fellow “Confessor” Javier Hernandez joining them at their roundtable from time to time on their future episodes. Plus, Pastor Larry Vincent (Heritage Baptist Church; Mansfield, TX. who was on a past episode of ours.)

Today they just released episode two “What Is a Man-Crush?” [mp3]:

Subscribe to future podcast: RSS | iTunes [official page pending]

The first book they are going to start going through is:

Creedal Imperative

The Creedal Imperative Paperback
by Carl R. Trueman

They’d love your participation. Contact them with your comments and questions about the book’s contents and join the conversation:

I think all you book-nerds (and what 1689’r isn’t?) will enjoy this show.

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