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FoundersTHEBLOGFrom the old Founders blog:



The Founders Blog has officially moved to We have relaunched with a new design! The folks at ChurchWeb innovations have done very well by us. And we know that you’ll like our new look.


Don’t worry about your RSS feeds, we’ve got that covered so you don’t have to do anything. Thank you for being such loyal and involved readers! If you prefer to subscribe via email, we have that for you as well!


Why have we relaunched The Blog?


1. Better functionality

The Blog is comprised of the voices of Founders Ministries. Founders exists to recover the gospel, and we want to continue doing so with the best tools available.


2. Room for growth

The Blog continues to add loyal readers every month. This relaunch will facilitate growth better by creating a sustainable platform for our readers.


3. Accessible communication

The new design highlights new features that enable the authors to communicate more efficiently and make the communication more accessible.


Enjoy our new look at The Blog!

Great work, good design, check it out!

Founders THE BLOG

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