New Book: “The Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists: 1772-1830” by Brandon Smith & Kurt Smith + Radio Interview [ISI]

Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists

Who Were They and What Did They Believe?
Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith with Introduction by Tom Nettles

$14.95 (40% Discount!)



TOM NETTLES begins his helpful Introduction with these words: “This present volume highlights the early days of theological witness among Baptists in Georgia. Truly noble were these men, Marshall, Marshall, and Mercer, who grasped the importance of embracing and proclaiming all the truths of God’s revelation to men. Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith have given a clear and vigorous discussion of the early Baptist witness to the gospel in Georgia. That sinners are reconciled to God, are removed from their condition of condemnation, by the mercy and grace of God, apart from any meritorious attainment on the part of man, yea, in spite of the massive accumulations of demerit should sound like good news in the ear of any that truly feels the justice of God’s wrath and anger against him. These humble heroes of truth among Georgia Baptists were concerned that the trust that sinners had was fully directed toward Christ alone with an undiluted sense of their dependence on the divine initiative, continuance, and consummation in their salvation.”

One of the authors, Brandon Smith, was interviewed about this book on Iron Sharpens Iron on February 10, 2016. The relevant audio is the first 60 minutes of the audio [mp3]:

You may also listen to the time when we interviewed Brandon Smith on this topic:


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