Missions from the Early Church to the Reformation [Dr. James E. Adams | RBS | VIDEO]

Reformed Baptist Seminary:

In the lecture below, Dr. Jim Adams surveys the history of missions from the post-apostolic era to the period of the Protestant Reformation. He demonstrates how the Kingdom of God steadily expanded from Palestine to distant locations around the globe. This lecture is part of the curriculum for Reformed Baptist Seminary’s course on missions. Let us know if you’d like to take the course for credit or just audit the course (info@rbseminary.org).

47 minute video:

Dr. James E. Adams
Dr. James E. Adams

Dr. James E. Adams, with theological degrees from the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church and Westminster Theological Seminary in California, served as a missionary in Latin America and has taught theology there and in the United States. Pastor Jim and his wife Nancy have been serving Christ together for 44 years, and God has blessed them with three children, two of whom are now also married with children… Pastor Jim is the author of War Psalms of the Prince of Peace, La Regeneración Decisoria and Liberacíon – El Evangelio de Dios in Spanish. Dr. Adams has served as Pastor of Cornerstone Church since 1980 and serves as a trustee of the denDulk Foundation.


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