Midweek Roundup: What We Didn’t Get Around To Posting So Far This Week

covenant-theologyCoxe/Owen now back in stock via Reformed Baptist Academic Press

RBAP’s most important title is now back in stock here.

Love him or hate him, Calvin is a towering figure on the landscape of American Christianity by Jeff Robinson via Founders Ministries: The Blog

below are 10 major areas in which Calvin’s thought has shaped 21st century Western civilization. Suffice it say that Calvin might be precisely the man to straighten the crooked stick that is the prevailing mess on Capitol Hill.

2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith – Chapters 18-21 (mp3) by Mark Nenadov via All Things Expounded

I’ve just recorded and uploaded the mp3s for Chapter 18 (Of the Assurance of Grace and Salvation),


Chapter 19 (Of The Law of God),


Chapter 20 (Of The Gospel and the Extent of Grace thereof), and


Chapter 21 (Of Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience) of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.


2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith – Chapters 22-25 (mp3)

I’ve just recorded and uploaded the mp3s for Chapter 22 (Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day),


Chapter 23 (Of Lawful Oaths and Vows),


Chapter 24 (Of The Civil Magistrate),


and Chapter 25 (Of Marriage) of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.

2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith – Chapters 26-32 (mp3)

Having just finished recording and processing the files for chapters 26-32,  I’ve completed recording the mp3s for the entirety of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.

I’ve uploaded the entire set of recordings to Archive.org

Biblical WarfareBook Review: Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective via Reformed Baptist Fellowship

In the subtitle of their book on spiritual warfare, authors Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura promise to provide a perspective that is both biblical and balanced. The prospect of a balanced approach is immediately appealing, given widespread excesses in various branches of modern Christianity on the subject; and I thought it a successful endeavor in that regard. But what I found more striking, when I dived in, was the “biblical” part of the equation.

Hot off the Press by Rob Ventura via Reformation21 Blog

…by Albert N. Martin entitled,You Lift Me Up. It deals with overcoming ministry challenges. The esteemed author served as one of the pastors of Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, New Jersey, for 46 years. This book is a must-have for every minister of the gospel, with many biblical insights for a long, fruitful, and God-glorifying ministry.

Effective personal evangelism: love by Jeremy Walker via Reformation21 Blog

In the introductory article to this brief series, we marked out the limits of our study, namely that we are considering how individual believers, in their various spheres, might faithfully communicate the saving truth to those around them still lost in darkness, and what are the features of attitude and action that mark out those who do this well.

I suggest that the first requirement for the effective personal evangelist is love.

Gurnall on celebrity pastors

Whether we are prepared to admit it or not, most of us have ‘celebrity pastors,’ or at least men to whom we offer a measure of unqualified and uncritical appreciation or even adulation. We go beyond that properly Berean spirit that receives the word with all readiness and searches the Scriptures to find out whether the things being taught are so (Acts 17.11)

Five Mankillers via Scott Brown Online

After many years of ministry to men, it is clear to me how simple men are. They all struggle with the same basic things.  That’s one thing I like about working with men. Men are not complex. I have come across several summaries of the things that kill men off.

Founder’s Blog Posts on the Sabbath via 1689reformedbaptist

Several useful blog posts from the founbders blog each addressing a specific aspect of the Sabbath:






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