Midweek Roundup: What We Didn’t Get Around To Posting So Far This Week

2nd London Baptist Confesion of Faith – Chapter 8 (mp3) by Mark Nenadov via All Things Expounded

I’ve just recorded and uploaded the mp3 for Chapter 8 (Of Christ the Mediator) of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith.

Nigeria Bound by Nick Kennicott via The Decablog

I am writing from the Frankfurt, Germany airport on my way to Nigeria. This is my 4th trip to Nigeria, but a very different trip in many ways. If you would like to pray for us, I will share a few details…

Facts as to Adam’s Descendants via Reformed Baptist Fellowship

The facts as to the descendants of Adam show that they have universally partaken of his corrupted nature, and that, not even in their earliest years, have any had the innocent nature, with its strong proclivities to holiness, which constituted his original condition…. [from] James Petigru Boyce, Abstract of Systematic Theology

Among whom are Hymenaeus and Alexander by John Samson via Effectual Grace

[S]ome people look at the verses in 1 Timothy 1:18-20 and say that if Hymenaeus and Alexander once had faith, but now have shipwrecked it, we must conclude that one can lose true faith in Christ. How would you respond to this claim?

Orientation to the 2013 Keach Conference by Pastor Jeff  Riddle via stylos

It has become a custom for me to offer an “Orientation to the Keach Conference” on the opening evening of our meeting.  Below is the “Orientation” for this year’s meeting.

The 2013 Evergreen Christian Business Seminar by Conrad Mbewe via A Letter from Kabwata

It is that time of the year again when our Evergreen Christian Bookstore hosts a Christian Business Seminar to inspire young Christian entrepreneurs to go about their work in a biblical and God-glorifying way. This year it will be held on Saturday 5th October right here in Lusaka.

Imitating Christ: “Our Whole Aim” by Evan D. Burns via Gospel Worthy

On December 24, 1845, Judson preached at an assembly in Philadelphia about the cost of following Christ to the mission field.

Ignatius and the Diety of Christ, a Response to Jehovah’s Witnesses via 1689reformedbaptist

James White discusses a pamphlet published by the watchtower that attacked the doctrine of the Trinity and tried to use patristics to show that the early church didn’t believe in the Trinity, but James White points out that the pamphlet completely ignored Ignatius’ clear affirmation of the Deity of Christ.

The Promise Keeping God by Pastor Robert Truelove via Christ Reformed Church

We have to understand that this story from Genesis 12:10-20 is not so much about Abram as it is about God.  God is revealed as the one who keeps his promises even when we are less than faithful; the one who maintains His fidelity even when the situation seems hopeless.

On the Self-Attestation of Scripture by Dr. Bob Gonzales via It Is Written

[T]he Bible’s own witness must have pride of place. If God himself is the highest (and most reliable) authority, we must allow him to speak for himself. This he does in three interrelated ways, he first of which we’ll examine below.

9th SOLA 5 CONFERENCE – WINDHOEK 5th – 8th September 2013 by Joachim Rieck via A Reformed Baptist in Namibia

The annual SOLA 5  conference is now over, but fond  memories  remain.

Saving Christians From a False View of Baptist

Baptism is frequently  administered  in our country  as a  ‘saving ordinance’.  Namibian Christians   from  all  kinds of denominations   believe that  ‘baptism’  is  the pathway to heaven. They wouldn’t put it like that, but they act like that.  I have had  people approach me  over many years  with  requests  for  baptism,  which I believe were based more on superstition than biblical  warrant.

Why Your Family Should Come to the Worship of God Conference by Scott Brown

Fancy Prayers – Spurgeon Weighs in

I pray that you will never think well of fine prayers, for before the thrice-holy God, it is unbecoming for a sinful suppliant to play the orator… The tail feathers of pride should be pulled out of our prayers, for they need only the wing feathers of faith. The peacock feathers of poetical expression are out of place before the throne of God. – Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit, pg 11

‘Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert’ via Martin Marprelate

My advice to all pastors and people concerned to reach out to homosexuals is, Get the book.

Jesus and the Sabbath by Jon English Lee via Founders Ministries

This post is the latest in a series looking at the Sabbath. Previous posts include: The Sabbath and the Decalogue in the OT, a look at God’s Rest as Prescriptive, and an examination of the Sabbath as a Creation Ordinance.


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