May 29-30, 2015 Southern New England Reformation Conf. in North Providence, RI [+ Rob Ventura Interview & more]

Robert Brady interviewed Rob Ventura, over at Reformation21, about an upcoming conference that Pastor Ventura helped  start up:

Pastor Rob Ventura
Pastor Rob Ventura

Rob, can you please tell us the reason for this conference?

Sure. When I first came to Rhode Island seven years ago it was evident that there was not much happening by way of Reformed conferences in our immediate area. While there were a few good conferences in New England (e.g., the Bolton Conference), in my little state little was going on. After praying about the matter, as pastors burdened to see biblical truth go forth, my fellow elder Jack Buckley and I decided that we should do something. So, after partnering with a few local assemblies of like conviction and burden (Quidnessett Baptist Church, the Presbyterian Reformed Church, and Grace Bible Church), we started the conference. Our past speakers include Paul Washer, Dr. Joel Beeke, and Voddie Baucham., who each focused on a particular Bible topic for their respective conferences with us. This year we are pleased to have Dr. Steve Lawson as our preacher. Hundreds of people have attended our conferences and for this we thank the Lord.

Southern New England 2015Why did you pick the topic of the gospel for this year’s conference?

Can there be a better topic to pick? Actually, Steve Lawson and I decided on this together. The gospel is central to all that we believe and do as Christians. As believers, we live in the gospel, we preach the gospel, we counsel with the gospel, and we praise God for the gospel. The gospel is the good news concerning the doing, dying, and rising of Christ Jesus our Lord on our behalf. Therefore, it should be our constant meditation and proclamation as the people of God. I’m delighted that the gospel is Dr. Lawson’s focus this year and pray that his ministry will be a real means of sanctification for saints, and salvation for lost sinners.

Lastly, what are your main goals in hosting this conference?

That Jesus Christ would be praised in all things, that His great truth would be savingly known to all, and that His glorious kingdom would be advanced in our region.

Conference Details:

Southern New England Reformation Conference

Theme: The Gospel

Friday, May 29th, 7:00 – 8:30pm

“The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield”

(For the general public)

Saturday, May 30th 8:00 – 9:30am

(A session just for pastors and preachers)

10:00 – 11:30am  “The Glorious Gospel of God” (Part one)

(For the general public)

6:30 – 8:00pm “The Glorious Gospel of God” (Part two)

(For the general public)

Location All meetings will be held at Grace Community Baptist Church of R.I., in North Providence.

We are pleased to offer this conference free of charge to all and give an offering.

If you wish to send in an offering in advance please there is no registration required. There will be an opportunity t o make all checks out to Grace Community Baptist Church and mail to our address.

For local hotel accommodations we recommend calling Holiday Inn Express in Smithfield, Rhode Island (401-231-6300).

Lastly, there will be a book table available. No nursery will be provided.

Here is the conference brochure [PDF].

Also note that on Thursday May 28, 2015
9:00am – 5:00pm, the same church will be hosting The Institute for Expository Preaching
lawson expository institue

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