Martin Lloyd-Jones film “Logic On Fire” available now + video interviews with Conrad Mbewe

Though Lloyd-Jones himself was not a 1689’r there are several 1689’rs who contributed to this project such as Geoff Thomas, Conrad Mbewe, and Jeremy Walker.

logic on fire

Logic On Fire


Banner of Truth:

More than simply a recounting of the man’s life, Logic on Fire examines Lloyd-Jones’s home life, his spiritual influences, the emphasis he brought to his two pastorates, the way he sought a union of “logic” and “fire” in preaching, as well as his continued relevance and influence in evangelicalism today.

Logic on Fire is a feature-length documentary with over 4.5 hours of special features, a 128-page book, and much more. View the “DVD Features” below to see all that is included in this 3-DVD special edition set.

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Trailer [2 min.]:

Conrad Mbewe on the Massive Impact Lloyd-Jones Had on His Understanding of Evangelistic Preaching [1 min.]:

Conrad Mbewe on How Lloyd-Jones’ Pattern Has Helped to Anchor His Own Ministry in “the Ancient Way” [2 min.]:

Logic on Fire film Panel Discussion with Jonathan Catherwood, Jason Meyer, and Conrad Mbewe [43 min.]:

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