Logos Pre-Pub: $99.95 ‘The Founders Journal (94 issues) (1990–2013)’

The 1990-2013 issues of ‘The Founders Journal‘, 94 in all, are currently gathering interest in Pre-Pub to see if this collection becomes a Logos resource.

Logos Founders Journal


the-founders-journalCommitted to historic Southern Baptist principles, the Founders Journal promotes the doctrines of grace and their application in the local church. This collection gathers a quarter century of theological scholarship for students, pastors, and church leaders seeking to recover the gospel of grace and work for the spiritual health and reformation of local churches. Containing both classic and contemporary articles, book reviews, and editorials, as well as news and letters, this journal is both a link to Southern Baptist heritage, and a valuable tool for modern church ministry…


Editor: Thomas K. Ascol
Publisher: Founders Press

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