Lessons from KY County Clerk Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience [Stever Nutter | AUDIO]

We do like to post opinion pieces regarding cultural issues from Reformed Baptist pastors here, but it is not often there is a sermon that fits this criteria.

Kim Davis
Kim Davis


Pastor Steve Nutter
Pastor Steve Nutter

Such was the case in a sermon titled “The Christian and the State: Lessons from KY County Clerk Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience” given by Pastor Steve Nutter of Providence Reformed Baptist Church
Minneapolis, MN.

During the sermon the pastor mentioned that good Christian men will disagree on some of these things and that this may raise more questions than it answers, but either way I think this will challenge, edify, and give us much to meditate on as we live as Citizens of Heaven while on this Earth.

AUDIO [61 min. mp3]:


  • The Important Matter of Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience Posed
    • The occastion of her civil disobedience
      • Her convictions leading to her civil disobedience
        • Her convictions stated
        • Her convictions scrutinized
          • What was right
          • What was wrong
  • Larger questions suggested by Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience Presented
    • The question of one’s conscience allowing this civil disobedience
    • The question of one’s conscience leading them to civil disobedience
  • A Biblical Response to Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience
    • Texts that address the subject of civil (dis)obedience
      • Clear statements addressing civil obedience
        • Pro. 24:21-22
        • Mat. 22:17-21
          • Mat. 17:24-27
        • Romans 13:1-7
        • 1 Peter 2:13-17
      • Texts that permit qualified civil disobedience
        • Acts 4:19-20
        • Acts 5:27-29
      • Deductions from these text
      • Illustrations from Biblical History of legitimate civil disobedience
    • Answering two objections to these deductions
    • Concluding Principles from Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience Applied

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