“A Discourse On Singing of Psalms” [John Gill]

The following is a sermon from John Gill preached The 25th Of December, 1733 To A Society Of Young Men, Who Carry On An Exercise Of Prayer On Lord’s-Day Mornings, At A Meeting-House On Horslydown, Southwark.

GillA Discourse On SINGING OF PSALMS As A Part Of Divine Worship

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1 CORINTHIANS 14:15 (Latter Part), “I will sing with the Spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.”

On this day in the last year, you were pleased to call me to preach to you from the former part of this verse; which led me to discourse concerning the work and duty of prayer, which, at your request, was published to the worldly and now, at your fresh instances, I am desired to insist upon the latter part of it, which regards the duty of singing; and, since the text and context were opened so far as was necessary, in my former discourse, I shall immediately attend to the consideration of the subject before me, which I shall handle in the following method:


I. I shall endeavor to show you what is singing, and the nature of it, as an ordinance of God.


II. Prove that it is an ordinance not confined to the Old Testament dispensation.


III. Inquire into the subject matter of singing, or what that is which is to be sung.


IV. Point out to you the persons who are to sing. And


V. Observe the manner in which this ordinance should be performed.

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