Jan. 16-18, 2014 Deep South Founders Conference: “Christ the Mediator” – feat. Geoffrey Thomas + More

The 2014 Deep South Founders Conference will focus our attention on “Christ the Mediator.” Meeting January 16-18, on the Reformed Theological Seminary Campus in Jackson Mississippi, guest speakers include Geoffery Thomas, [Update Dec. 19, 2013] Erroll Hulse, Joe Nesom, Rusty Grant [end update], Johnny Pat Cox, and Cary Kimbrell. 



  • Early Registration: (Before December 1, 2012) $30
  • Regular Registration: (Before January 1, 2013) $35
  • Late Registration: (After January 1, 2013 $40



The Reformed Theological Seminary graciously hosts the Deep South Founders Conference on their beautiful Jackson Mississippi campus. All sessions, including the pre-conference debate, will convene in the Grace Chapel. Parking is available.

Reformed Theological Seminary
5422 Clinton Blvd.
Jackson, MS 39209-3099



The Deep South Regional Founders Conference is affiliated with Founders Ministries as a sponsored Regional Conference. Founders Ministries holds as its purpose “the recovery of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the reformation of local churches.,,,We believe intrinsic to this recovery is the promotion of the Doctrines of Grace in their experiential application to the local church, particularly in the areas of worship and witness.” To that end, like minded pastors and lay-leaders of Baptist churches in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama hold this annual conference. We pray that our gathering will serve to promote the aims of Founders Ministries for the glory of God and the good of his church.


[Update: Dec. 19, 2013]


Thursday – January 16, 2014

    6:30 pm – Evening Session

    • Active and Passive Obedience of Christ – Joe Nesom
    • Christ Our Mediator, The King – Geoffery Thomas

Friday – January 17, 2014

      9:30 am – Morning Session

      • The Offices of Christ the Mediator – Johnny Pat Cox
      • Christ our Mediator – Geoffery Thomas

12:00 pm – Lunch (RTS Patterson Porch Cafeteria)

6:30 pm – Evening Session

    • The Intercessory Ministry of Christ – Cary Kimbrell
    • Christ Our Mediator, The Great High Priest – Geoffery Thomas

Saturday – January 18, 2014

    9:30 am – Morning Session

    • Christ, The Plan For The Fullness Of Time – Rusty Grant
    • The Exaltation of Christ the Mediator – Geoffery Thomas


[source: deepsouthfounders.com]

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