James White talks Star Trek, Video Games, Baptism & more on The Reformed Pubcast [Audio]

Last week we gave you a behind the scenes look at Alpha and Omega Ministries with Dr. James White. This week on the newest Reformed Pubcast ‘Episode 33: James White” you can hear the more geeky side of James White (which we’ve seen hints of on some Dividing Lines).

Some of you probably already know of The Reformed Pubcast, but in case you don’t they describe themselves (at least in this episode) as, “the embarrassing teenage son of The Dividing Line!”. :D

reformed pubcast


On tap this week: Dr. James White talks Star Trek, Video Games, Baptism, and of course answers the all important question “Boxers or Briefs?”.James White ReformedPubcast

They get into theological discussions as well. Here is the audio [mp3]:

The upcoming book mentioned in the show (that they didn’t know the title of) is [Upcoming from RBAP] Recovering a Covenantal Heritage: Essays in Baptist Covenant Theology.

9 Replies to “James White talks Star Trek, Video Games, Baptism & more on The Reformed Pubcast [Audio]”

  1. Ok, putting on my own nerd hat here, but I’m disappointed to hear that James White liked the DS9 tribble episode. I hated this one, because it felt like DS9 was forcing it’s way via special effects into a classic Trek episode. Not only did they ruin this one with lousy special effects and lame music, but wouldn’t you hate to be the actor who was in the original Kirk lineup that was digitally replaced with Obrien for this episode? Another thing I hated was how the bisexual-character Dax had to make a salacious innuendo about, of all people, Dr. McCoy. This is the type of smut they put into the new Doctor Who as well, and I hate when modern writing ruins classic characters,

    Ok, I’ll stop.

      1. I gave up on Trek after TNG, and only occasionally watched the split-off series. DS9, Voyager and Enterprise all just seemed like they were draining every last ounce of life out of the series. The recent film reboots haven’t helped things either, and you know, I could watch TOS trek with my kids, but I’d never in a million years watch the new films with them, with Kirk in bed with alien cat creatures, etc…

        Ultimately, I prefer Star Wars (the original 3 films) to Trek, simply because originally there was a stronger message of faith (albeit Lucas’ eastern pantheism) but in the end he managed to ruin that all with the midichlorian nonsense.

      1. Nowhere near as bad, though. I grew up watching the series and seriously all I recall back then was that Kirk was very romantic, but it was never near as graphic of some of the stuff they pulled off with the spinoff shows.

        1. Yeah, I know this will shock some people, but I’ve hardly seen any DS9. I remember being disappointed with the pointless, gratuitous partial nudity on Enterprise, and I was only 14 at the time.

  2. DS9 is my favorite series! The Bajoran war saga with its politics was just good TV. Gaul-Du-Cot was such an excellent bad guy. Also DS9 had my favorite captain, though the actor playing Cisco in reality is… possibly insane (check out the documentary about Star Trek captains). I agree with Johnny that the Dax character was very weird and unnecessary. But then again, a world where there is peace on earth, but no God, is already a bit weird.

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