IRBS Seriously Considering a Stand-Alone Seminary, More Info at the Sept. 22 Ice Cream Social in Mansfield, TX

The Institute for Reformed Baptist Studies (IRBS) has worked in and along side Westminster Seminary California in Escondido, CA. since 1998.

They are currently seeking the Lord’s will about building a stand-alone seminary in Mansfield/Ft. Worth, TX. in 2018.

Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies Seminary

Dr. James Renihan
Dr. James Renihan

Dr. James M. Renihan will present an update on the plan to form their first confessional Reformed Baptist seminary on September 22, 2016 after the 7pm Founder Conference lecture.

See flyer below:

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7 Replies to “IRBS Seriously Considering a Stand-Alone Seminary, More Info at the Sept. 22 Ice Cream Social in Mansfield, TX”

  1. I’m curious to know what the level of cooperation is amongst the various new Reformed Baptist Seminaries. Along with the Founders Study Center and IRBS, we have Reformed Baptist Seminary and Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. Additionally, we have the recent announcement of Grace Bible Institute in Arkansas. Are we forming camps in the Reformed Baptist movement, or is the movement growing fast enough to support this many new institutions? I’m not sure the redundancy is clear to me given the small nature of our movement.

    1. Just looking through their courses you see many of the same teachers teaching at these different places (for at least one course or more). Probably safest to assume it is based on convenience of locations, though there are of course nuances of each seminary. Perhaps the movement is larger than you think :) that is something I have come to terms with the more and more I learn about Reformed Baptists.

  2. Why do they say “first confessional” Reformed Baptist seminary? I know two other good seminaries overseen by godly men whom I deeply respect and who are solid confessional Reformed Baptists. In what sense would this be the first?

  3. I found out elsewhere that what’s intended is that this would be the first RESIDENTIAL confessional Reformed Baptist Seminary. It’s not the impression that you get from the wording, but that’s what is meant. May God mightily bless the work!

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