Introducing The Reformed Libertarian Podcast [Special Interview]

C.Jay Engel explains this new endeavor: Podcast

C.Jay Engel
C.Jay Engel

Welcome to The Reformed Libertarian Podcast’s first episode!

Thanks to Jason Delgado of The Confessing Baptist podcast for doing this special duel podcast interview with me for my first one.  In this intro podcast, I am interviewed (on my own podcast!) about a variety of different things such as the purpose of the podcast, what libertarianism is, and how it relates to other political terminology. Mostly, it’s just a relaxed conversation, heavily focused on an introduction to this site’s particular views regarding Christianity and our political theory.

I look forward to doing this podcast once a week.  We will be getting in the very same conversations that we have on this website, we have some interviews lined up, and the next several months are dedicated to building this podcast into something more professionally produced and planned. I need some practice! But for now, it is to be relaxed, laid back, and spontaneous in its content…

This podcast is sort of a “trial run” to get out all of the kinks and to make sure everything is working fine. The first official podcast will be next Friday.  Also, this one is quite long, and I hope to generally keep the podcast length to about 30 minutes in the future. That’s what trial runs are for though.

So consider this your announcement that The Reformed Libertarian now has a podcast. Good times my friends.



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  1. Loved this interview… I’m looking forward to this podcast and to getting back to thinking through political and economic theory

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