Interview #76 – Joseph Pipa Jr. – Getting to know him & GPTS with Pascal Denault (1 of 2) [Audio Podcast]

Greenville Sem


Dr. Joseph Pipa
Dr. Joseph Pipa

On episode 76 of our interview podcast, alongside Pascal Denault, we interview Joseph A. Pipa Jr., president and professor of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (GPTS), on a wide range of topics.


  • Getting to know Dr. Pipa
  • Learning more about GPTS
  • The Spring Theology Conference on the Law of God and the speakers (including Richard Barcellos)
  • Why does Junior gets all, “giddy and act like a little girl!”?
  • + more

We previously had Pascal Denault on episodes #2 & 3.


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10 Replies to “Interview #76 – Joseph Pipa Jr. – Getting to know him & GPTS with Pascal Denault (1 of 2) [Audio Podcast]”

  1. In this interview, Dr. Pipa mentions sermons that Albert Martin preached at Reformed Theological Seminary. I have talked to him about how those sermons affected him. The year was 1971. The preachers were Martin, John Gerstner and Gordon Spykman. (you could imagine the exchange between John Gerstner and Albert Martin when the students asked them questions.) I learned about the sermons through the Olive Tape Library which, coincidentally GPTS inherited. To put them in perspective, Trinity Baptist Church had only constituted as a Reformed Baptist church about 4 years earlier. If the subject interests you,the sermons are linked here….Take Heed To Thyself. Sermon number 4 is the 1st one from that meeting.

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