Interview #60 – Carl Trueman – The Creedal Imperative [Joint-Podcast w/ CredoCov]



Carl Trueman
Carl Trueman

“The most obvious and the best way of making sure that the faith is transmitted in a stable form, across the face of the globe and from generation to generation, is to have a clearly stated public confession that can be tested by Scripture and can be passed from generation to generation.”

On episode 60 of our interview podcast we join up with The CredoCovenant Podcast (we told ya about them before) for an interview with Carl Trueman (not a Baptist, we know… but he did tell us, “Well, I use to be a Baptist!” :D )  on his book The Creedal Imperative.


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Mortification of Spin [Podcast]
mortification of spin

Michael J. Kruger books on the canon

Featured Music:

“Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1: Theology” by Shai Linne


“The Apostles Creed” by Redeemer INdy


Does this podcast now mean that we can say…
trueman homeboy

… or as Reformed Forum’s Camden Bucey puts it:


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Note: Since we put out this episode early (in conjunction with CredoCovenant) we won’t be putting out any new audio Tuesday.

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