Interview #58 – Les & Tanner – The Reformed Pubcast [Audio Podcast]

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 “The embarrassing teenage son of The Dividing Line!”

Typically we interview Reformed Baptist pastors or folks who can help us grow in our understanding of Particular Baptist history. Not today! :D On episode 58 of our interview podcast we have Les and Tanner of The Reformed Pubcast on. We wanted to introduce y’all to some other podcast with Reformed Baptist (like CredoCovenant Fellowship).

On this episode we get to know them some as they tell us about their weekly podcast. If you think we’re laid back… well, you ain’t seen nothing yet! :D

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Last week James White *DRINK* was on their podcast
James White ReformedPubcast

Here are the times we had James White on:

Interview #37 – James White & Voddie Baucham – What Is Islam? Q&A + Video
PodcastPromo37 Semper Reformanda

Interview #56 – James White – Alpha & Omega Ministries [Audio Podcast]James White Bow Tie Sword Kilt

Other podcast we talked about:

Interview #23: Jordan Cooper [Lutheran] & Jeff Johnson [1689’r] – Means of Grace & Assurance of Faith [Tabletalk]
lutheran tabletalk

Baptism Debate: Bob LaRocca In Defense of Credobaptism [The Infamous Reformed Forum: Christ the Center #100]
reformed forum debate

Interview #19: Jeff Johnson – The Fatal Flaw of the Theology Behind Infant Baptism + More

Interview #20: Jeff Johnson – The Fatal Flaw of the Theology Behind Infant Baptism (2 of 2) + More

Other linkage:

Reformed Baptist views of the means of grace
Means of Grace Cover02

“From Paedobaptism to Credobaptism: A Critique of the Westminster Standards on the Subjects of Baptism” by W. Gary Crampton
From Paedobaptism to Credobaptism by W Gary Crampton[$10.91 Amazon | $6 RBAP]

In case you didn’t already see, Confessor Javier and Jason were on their podcast this past week:

The Reformed Pubcast & links to what we talked about on their podcast
Pubcast Confessing Baptist

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  1. When I heard the “James White Drinking Game” i thought it was something else.
    I thought it was when you listen to the Dividing Line and every time you hear Dr. White clear his throat you take a drink. : D

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