Interview #56 – James White – Alpha & Omega Ministries [Audio Podcast]

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Dr. James White
Dr. James White

ConfessingBaptistPodcastLogo“We continue to pray, brother, the Lord will use you for the defense of the gospel, in various parts of the world.”

 Pastor Robert Briggs

On episode 56 of our interview podcast we have the interview that Pastor Roberts Briggs conducted with James White. This recording is from May 25, 2014 when James White was at Immanuel Baptist Church giving his “Can I Trust the Bible” presentation.


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6 Replies to “Interview #56 – James White – Alpha & Omega Ministries [Audio Podcast]”

  1. Great interview of the “only Reformed Baptist apologist” (at least of Dr. White’s caliber). In the beginning James White’s Dividing Line and youtube debates was my introduction to Reformed theology. Sproul and Piper also steered me towards sound doctrine, but James White with his mysterious “high-baptist liturgy” kept me interested in this strange Reformed Baptist species. I am eternally grateful for God’s use of Dr. White.

  2. Enjoyed the interview, didn’t know much about Alpha & Omega; this was a great behind the curtain interview that really communicated some solid values. I love his comment on not being smart enough to do politics. That is most helpful. Also the thoughts on unable to take on two many subjects, while at the same time not being locked into just one.

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