Interview #54 – Gary Long – Particular Baptist Press [Audio Podcast]

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Baptist Ministers of the 18th & early 19th Century (details)
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 “We are convinced that Baptists do not have to take a second seat…  we have great scholars but they are just unknown.” – Gary Long

On episode 54 of our interview podcast Ian Clary interviews Pastor Gary Long of Particular Baptist Press. We learn all about him and all about Particular Baptist Press and what they have to offer:

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15 Replies to “Interview #54 – Gary Long – Particular Baptist Press [Audio Podcast]”

        1. Speaking of publishers…. the Sales & Marketing Manager at Reformation Heritage Books is a Reformed Baptist (David Woolin is his name). He did pulpit supply a couple times at my church. Just throwing that out there for you guys :-)

          1. He might have an interesting perspective b/c he also worked for Evangelical Press in the UK, I believe.

  1. How about a followup interview to gain some insight from this publisher’s unique acacquaintance with forgotten baptist forefathers? What differences does he see from modern reformed baptists and these historical baptists, their faith, manners, and churches? What would they think of our churches faith and practice today? There is an opportunity to go well beyond book publishing here.

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