Interview #51 – Aimee Byrd – Housewife Theologian [Audio Podcast] 2 of 2

Apologies, for this seemingly duplicate post. Previous post contained last week’s episode. This post has the correct audio:

Aimee Byrd
Aimee Byrd
Ladies Edition!
Ladies Edition!

On episode 51 of our interview podcast, we pick up right were the last episode left off. We have Christina Jesuroga (wife of Pastor Jay Jesuroga of Sovereign Joy Community Church) interviewing Aimee Byrd on her book Housewife Theologian. They get into questions such as:

  •  Why is theology important in maintaining true unity?
    • What about true vs. false unity?
    • How do creeds and confessions help us in this?
  • What is true hospitality?
    • How can we grow in it?
  • What of feminism?
  • How is submissiveness active?
  • How has Spurgeon influenced you?
  • What of culture?
    • Christian Yoga?
    • 2KT and Housewives?
  • What of the Christian Sabbath?
  • How about for non-housewives?
  • + more

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Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary

by Aimee Byrd

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Post-Interview Music:

  • Chelsea Moon w/ the Franz Brothers – Ecstasy (A Sacred Harp Hymn)

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