Interview #50 – Aimee Byrd – Housewife Theologian [Audio Podcast] 1 of 2

Aimee Byrd
Aimee Byrd
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Ladies Edition!

On episode 50 of our interview podcast, we hand it over to the ladies. We have Christina Jesuroga (wife of Pastor Jay Jesuroga of Sovereign Joy Community Church) interviewing Aimee Byrd on her book Housewife Theologian. They get into questions such as:

  • What got you to writing a book?
  • Are women to “study to show [themselves] approved”?
  • What is true beauty?
  • What is modesty?
  • Chastity?
  • How do you help women to read theology? Or even just read?
  • Parenting + more

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Housewife Theologian: How the Gospel Interrupts the Ordinary

by Aimee Byrd

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Update April 22, 2014: Listen to part 2!

38 Replies to “Interview #50 – Aimee Byrd – Housewife Theologian [Audio Podcast] 1 of 2”

  1. Jason your material is so good but the intro music etc. is so poor, immature, long and amateurish. I can live with it but it makes it impossible to share with others. It damages the credibility of the message. Implicit in the principles we share is that in everything we do it should be for the glory of God and should be professional.

  2. Aimee Byrd’s work is powerful and builds up the body of Christ, men and women both. The whole “for the ladies” schitck unnecessarily detracts from the strong work and heavy lifting she has done in the Church.

    Next time you interview a woman I’d suggest skipping the part where you point out repeatedly (that is, on this page and in the podcast itself) that the person being interviewed is not a man and instead go straight to talking about theology and ideas. It will make your podcast stronger and more edifying for your brothers and sisters in Christ.



    P.S. The better word for our sisters in the Church is women, not ladies.

        1. Respect? Don’t know how things run over there in Cali but in all the places I’ve lived in (in Texas) lady is a very respectful term (much more than women). And as far as the “schitck” that was my lady’s idea.

          1. Read the post I linked if you want my explanation. It’s more important to be the woman God wants you to be than to be a lady. Same goes for being the man God wants you to be than being a gentleman.
            Essentially, perpetuating the use of “Lady” is a cultural construct that obscures our growth in Christ. My son and daughter are now in their early twenties. I’m glad she’s a woman of God and he’s a man of God. Them being a lady or gentleman doesn’t even enter the picture for me.

          2. Aimee’s a friend of mine and a grown up and can fight her own battles. The use of “Lady” is not a concern for her as it is for me.
            My concerns are for the men who run this website and miss the effect this type of humor can have on the women and men who come to read and listen to the offerings here. I know my words are probably falling on deaf ears, but standing up for treating women and men with equal dignity is important in the Body of Christ.
            Bottom line: if you like the teachings in the book well enough to devote a podcast to it, why spend time repeatedly noting that this is just for the “ladies”. Are all your other podcasts just for “gentlemen”? It’s a needless distraction that detracts from the solid doctrine contained in Aimee’s book.

          3. Having a podcast about a book that focuses on the same audience the book has doesn’t necessitate all other podcast are just for gentlemen. Furthermore, I don’t know of anyone who’s “growth in Christ” was “obscure[d]” by whether or not one used the term lady. Let’s not get distracted with semantics. And if you are concerned with distractions then may I advise that this lady/women issue is a waste of all of our time.

          4. It’s not merely a matter of semantics, as noted in that link I provided, but I agree that this is getting distracting. The important thing is that more people should read Aimee’s excellent book.

          5. Tim, I’ve read your blog post pretty carefully and your conclusions seem a bit doubtful. I’m not trying to be critical, but you shouldn’t assume that your post is going to convince a lot of people about not using “lady” or “gentlemen”. I really don’t see how the terminology is confusing, demeaning, or doctrinally unsound.

          6. Just my thought, but I assume, as a lady, that all podcast are for everyone and that if they decided to directly talk to men, it would be labeled men or Gentlemen. And I do think this might be a southern thing. Being called women in the South is generally really disrespectful. While being called a Lady is respectful. I was not personally offended at all. I haven’t had time to listen to the podcast but will try to this weekend! Thanks for having Aimee on!

    1. I’m gonna stick with the authorial intent, as you said, “[the] back cover of Housewife Theologian claims the book is written ‘for all women who want to explore beneath the superficial and get to know God, and themselves, better.'” :)

  3. Thanks for sharing that men have enjoyed the book too Tim, and you know I especially appreciated your review. But I’m not offended my anything that was shared or said by the Confessing Baptist crew. They have been a real pleasure. “Housewife” and “theologian” are two terms that carry negative connotations today, but I’m trying to give them the credit they deserve. And Christina and I did talk more to the women in this interview. Not to say that it wouldn’t be edifying for husbands to take a listen to help themselves better serve their wives.

  4. Given that the interview really won’t load for me in any of the formats you have given, I can’t listen to the interview. I can only conclude then, from the comments (because blog metas are always a good reflection of reality) that you guys have been un-chivalrous wretches who do not deserve to see the light of day. I hereby banish you all back to the realm of non-existence.

  5. Now that I got a chance to listen to the post, I can report that it was both encouraging and convicting. I especially appreciated the encouragement to be a better helper to your husband by studying theology. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

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