Implications of the Empty Tomb [Jim Savastio & Tom Hicks]

Jim Savastio
Jim Savastio

Jim Savastio:

It has been said by some that all preaching consists of two elements–the ‘what’ of the text and the ‘so what’ of the text. Millions of professing Christians take one Lord’s Day a year to celebrate the wondrous reality of the empty tomb of Jesus. Jesus had power to lay down His life and to take it up again. I trust we all realize the tremendous theological and eternal implications of our Lord’s glorious resurrection. But what difference will it make between the time I am converted and the time I reach heaven? I may sing of it on Sunday but what help is it to me on Monday or Tuesday? For our churches facing so many different practical and spiritual issues, what difference does the empty tomb make?


We must realize that we are dealing with more than an empty tomb. We are also dealing with an occupied throne. Jesus did not rise from the dead only to wander the earth for two thousand years. He ascended to heaven and sat down at the Father’s right hand…

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Tom Hicks
Tom Hicks

Tom Hicks:

I’ve heard people say that Christ accomplished redemption by His resurrection. But that’s not quite right. It’s more accurate to say that Christ’s righteous life and death accomplished redemption. Christ’s resurrection, however, is the application of redemption. Redemption means “to be bought out of bondage and set free.” Christ’s resurrection was His own redemption. His righteous life and death bought Him out of bondage to the curse of death and freed Him to resurrection and eternal life. That’s because Christ’s life and death fulfilled God’s law, satisfied God’s justice, and therefore deserved to be rewarded with resurrection to eternal life…


What’s the significance of this? There’s a good deal of theological and practical significance here.


  1. Some Theological Implications of the Resurrection
    1. Definite Atonement.
    2. No Universal Atonement.
    3. Irresistible Grace and Preservation of the Saints.
    4. No Apostasy of Genuine Believers.
    5. New Heaven and New Earth.
  2. Some Practical Implications of the Resurrection
    1. Assurance of Salvation.
    2. Strength to Persevere.
    3. Perseverance in Trial.
    4. Missions and Evangelism.

Believer, when you celebrate Christ’s resurrection this weekend, remember that it proves the efficacy of His death for you. Christ’s resurrection means that when He bore your sins in His body on the tree, He completely satisfied God’s justice, and you are not guilty. His resurrection proves that you will live forever with Christ. His resurrection is evidence that Christ’s death greatly pleased and glorified God. So, when you think on Christ’s resurrection, give glory to God for the power of Christ’s death and for all the saving blessings it purchased.

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