Husbands Love Your Wives [FREE 6-part AUDIO & VIDEO Webinar] feat. Waldron, Pollard, Scott Brown + more


Happy_Marriage__55632.1367951652.1280.1280Husbands Love your Wives Webinar:

Have you ever needed some detailed, practical counsel for your marriage? Have you ever wished someone would speak to the everyday matters that pop up in your marriage and family life? Have you ever heard sound teaching, but wished for more than broad theological principles? You needed someone to speak frankly. You wanted someone to show you exactly how the biblical principles applied in the real situations you are experiencing.

Come join Scott Brown, Joel Beeke, Sam Waldron, Jeff Pollard and Derek Thomas for a book discussion on husbands loving their wives.

This six part online webinar series is based on William Gouge’s classic work, “Domestical Duties,” using the edited and modernized version by Joel Beeke and Scott Brown. This series is designed to help husbands love their wives like Christ loved the church. We will be taking critical chapters in the book that are specifically directed to husbands.

This webinar series is highly focused on Building a Godly Home Vol. 2 by William Gouge. Each session will focus on a particular chapter of the book. Though the book isn’t required to enjoy this webinar, we strongly recommend that you purchase a copy to follow along if you don’t already own one.


Watch, listen, & download notes:

Session #1 Authority [Scott Brown & Joel Beeke] | [Notes]


Session #2 Gentleness [Scott Brown & Joel Beeke] | [Notes]

Session #3 Correcting [Scott Brown & Jeff Pollard] | [Notes]


Session #4 Kindness [Scott Brown and Sam Waldron] | [Notes]


Session #5 – Provision [Scott Brown & Derek Thomas] | [Notes]


That’s the Kind of Patriarchy We’re Talking About (clip) [Scott Brown & Derek Thomas]

This week we had another of our Husbands Love Your Wives webinars with Derek Thomas, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia South Carolina and professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta. After discussing the husbands role to provide for his wife, I concluded with these remarks.

Session #6 – Love [Scott Brown & Jeff Pollard] | [Notes]


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