How to glorify God now that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide [James White]

James White Facebook’ed this June 22nd:

MPDHow to Glorify God on MPD (Marriage Profanation Day—date to be determined soon).

1) Begin the day with prayer and Bible reading, submitting your mind to the Lordship of Christ.

2) If you are married, pray for your spouse, expressing thanks to God for your marriage, and imploring the Almighty to protect your marriage so that it may be a witness to the world of what God intended.

3) Review the teaching of Jesus on the foundation of marriage in Matthew 19:4-6. Note especially that the Creator Himself established gender, the role of the husband, of the wife, of the father, and the mother, and that the only relationship He will ever bless is one that fits in this paradigm: one man, one woman.

4) Pray for grace to love rebel sinners who will be rejoicing in the profaning of God’s good gifts, for you, too, once hated what is good and loved what is evil. Remember, you have been redeemed from the world, transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, and that all of grace.

5) Pray for the younger generation that has been robbed of transcendent meaning and purpose. Pray for God’s people, those young folks still being called out of the darkness into the light, for they will face a far more difficult world than most of us older followers of Jesus in the United States have ever faced.

6) Do not look backwards and long for the “good ol’ days” when a semblance of moral sanity prevailed by God’s grace in our land. Realize in the midst of judgment we are called to be salt and light.

7) Go out and tell someone Jesus is Lord. Lord over all of life. Lord over creation, Lord over man’s institutions, Lord over all human authorities. Be salt. Be light. The darkness is deepening daily, and that means our light is all that much more necessary. The denizens of the darkness will try to extinguish that light. They cannot.

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  1. Canada has had legal gay marriage for over 10 years. You know what has changed for anyone, including religious organizations? Absolutely nothing. The older generation always thinks the younger one is getting worse, when it never really is. It is just changing, and this is normal.

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