Homophobia, Islamophobia (and other Silly, Made-up Words) – Martin Marprelate

phobiaMartin Marprelate (which is a pen-name for “a deacon in a little evangelical church in South West England, and an itinerant preacher in some of the tiny Reformed churches and Gospel Halls in the area”) writes:

Anyone who thinks [enter buzz word here]  is in any way unacceptable can be automatically smeared as being both mad and bad simply by trotting out this silly, meaningless word


Perhaps it’s time for Christians to coin some new words of our own. As soon as Richard Dawkins or his ilk start up, we could accuse them of Christophobia- an unreasoning hatred of the Lord Jesus, or maybe Christianophobia- a mindless antipathy towards Christians. As for the homosexual lobby, well, they clearly suffer from Aretophobia- a hatred of virtue or righteousness, and the Secular Society, who want to curtail the teaching of Christianity are obviously Dikaiophobic- they want to suppress truth and justice. Never heard of these words? It’s not surprising, because I’ve just made them up!

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